Real Dummies

A podcast dedicated to delving into the musical genius of legendary Canadian rock band, Crash Test Dummies. Join Matt Earle, Dana Edwards and Angus Lee as we learn a bit about the band, the music, and maybe even ourselves. It's going to be mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm good.

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Ep. 44 - Thick Necked Man

Well near the beginning of this episode dana stat…


 2017-09-27  1h0m

Ep. 43 - Heart Of Stone

Oh geez! here we go again! Maybe this time Matt w…


 2017-03-20  57m

Ep. 42 - You've Done It Once Again

christ, we're at it again. a full blown 2017 take…


 2017-02-05  1h1m

Ep. 41 - Good King Wencelas

You know what? Fuck 2016, and fuck you..... fuck…


 2017-01-05  55m

Ep. 40 - Little Drummer Boy

ROMPA POM POM! that little drummer boy sure knows…


 2016-12-30  1h2m

Ep. 39 - Jingle Bells

goddamn my balls are fuckin freezing off over her…


 2016-12-15  56m

Ep. 38 - In The Bleak Mid Winter

holy moly is it that time of the year already? yo…


 2016-12-05  58m

Ep. 37 - My Pussycat And Me

Well lots has changed since we podcasted. actuall…


 2016-11-24  1h10m

Ep. 35 - Give Yourself A Hand

holy guacamole! its been a real fuckin long time …


 2016-11-02  1h6m

Ep. 35 - Triple Master Blaster

Well you listeners will certainly take notice tha…


 2016-09-13  1h9m