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Ready to build your real estate empire… but not sure where to begin?Think of us as your personal trainer.From detailed breakdowns of real-world deals… to one-on-one coaching sessions and a warm, welcoming community… hosts Ashley Kehr and Tony J Robinson bring on a wide range of guests to tackle the “newbie” questions you've wondered about but might be afraid to ask.Looking to 10X your real estate investing business this year? This show isn’t for you.Looking for your first, second, or third deal -- or envisioning a more modest portfolio? Step right up. Every Wednesday, we’ll arm you with the tips, tools, and roadmaps you'll need as you embark on your journey toward financial freedom.

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episode 123: ‘Building’ Wealth as a 24-Year-Old with 12 New Construction Projects

New construction is an enigma to many real estate investors, and especially to rookies. When building a new house, you need to understand engineering, permitting, construction, and a more complicated funding structure. This didn’t stop Donovan Adesoro, house hacker turned home builder from keeping the investment train going. Although Donovan had a background in engineering, he didn’t have much experience with building homes...



episode 122: 96 Units in 5 Years By Combining Long & Short-Term Rentals

Five short years ago, Avery Carl didn’t own ninety-six rental units. She didn’t have her real estate license, she hadn’t founded The Short Term Shop or The Mortgage Shop, and she did not have a book written on short-term rental investing. But now, Avery has all those things, and she did all of them in only half a decade. Avery’s first venture into real estate started by her saving up every penny she could to buy a property in Nashville...



The Biggest Takeaways from BPCon 2021 | Live Host Panel from NOLA

Marching along Bourbon Street last week was a parade with some of the best real estate investors in the world, celebrating another successful BPCon, ready to take on the world. Throughout the past week, attendees of the conference heard from world-class business leaders, investors, and authors, learning about everything from running a business to short-term rental markets, to self-storage, and more...



episode 121: 10 Units in Multiple States, All in Just Under 2 Years!

Tony Robinson has some great ideas, like creating a short-term rental empire in both Joshua Tree, California, and the Smoky Mountains over in Tennessee. Tony talked so highly of the latter investing region, that today’s guest, Cale Delaney decided to pack his whole family into the minivan and make the 10+ hour drive to check out the area. Shortly after, Cale was under contract for not one, not two, but three cabins! This wasn't Cale’s first experience with real estate investing...



episode 120: Rookie Reply: Can I Cash-Out Refi After a 1031 Exchange?

This week’s question comes from Vince on the Real Estate Rookie Facebook Group. Vince is asking: After a 1031 exchange, can I refi/cash-out most of the funds and use it to purchase other property? Will I still be liable for taxes? While neither Tony or Ashley are tax specialists, they have had some experience in the past with 1031 exchanges...



episode 119: A Single-Mom’s Second Chance at Success with Real Estate Investing

Susan Reehill has defied the odds time and time again. She was a teenage mother, having her first son at the young age of sixteen. For most young and single mothers, the chance of becoming a homeowner, let alone an investor is slim, to say the least. At forty-two years old, Susan decided to make two big jumps in her life and career: graduate from college and buy her first home. She succeeded at accomplishing both...



episode 118: Stop Scrolling, Start Posting: Social Media for Real Estate Investors

Social media investors are becoming the new normal. Whether you’re on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Clubhouse, or Twitter you can find successful entrepreneurs giving tips on real estate, stock trading, or investing in general. So, as an aspiring real estate investor, it would only make sense for you to use these platforms to lock down more deals, find more partners, and maybe even entice some private investors...



episode 117: From 0 to 12 Units Overnight and House Hacking a...Farm?

Amanda Bolan, like many of us, had a “pressure cooker” moment where she realized that becoming a real estate tycoon was part of her future. At the time, she was working in the oil and gas industry without real estate investing experience. She took a leap of faith and decided to flip her first house in 2018, then flip another in 2019, then buy a 12-unit apartment in 2020, and another in 2021...



episode 116: Rookie Reply: Can Agents Help You Find Off-Market Deals?

This week’s question comes from Mel on the Real Estate Rookie Facebook Group. Mel is asking: When working with agents, do your agents help in finding off-market deals, or do you mainly look for those as they send you on-market deals? While it isn’t uncommon for agents to have “pocket listings” (pre-market listings), most agents deal solely with on-market deals, working with buyers and sellers based on MLS listings...



episode 115: The BRRRRent-to-Own Strategy: A Win-Win for Tenants and Landlords

What if you could own rental properties without the responsibility of landlording? Not only that, what if you were paid a hefty, non-refundable deposit for your home, minimizing your risk? Would you start investing under these circumstances? If you like the sound of that, you’ll love the rent-to-own strategy, or as Today’s guest Jessica likes to call her framework, the BRRTOR (Buy, Rehab, Rent-to-Own, Repeat)...