Record of Change

For the first time in a long time, it feels like all people on Earth have something in common. An exploration of what unites us in a time of social distancing, we visit and re-visit people in Hongkong and India, Greece and Gaza, among other places.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 29m. Bisher sind 43 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 19 hours 4 minutes


episode 42: USA: Surfin'

Ever want to quit your job to be a surf instructor? Want to tackle what life throws at you better? In this episode, the RoC team discusses pandemic transitions and how we can thrive in the New Year.



episode 41: Germany and India: Truths about Digitalization

The pandemic has revealed unpleasant truths about digitalization in both India and Germany. Insufficient digital literacy has helped misinformation about the virus spread in India, while Germany's Covid response was slowed by a lack of tech adoption.


 2021-12-09  45m

episode 40: Bonus: A New Record of Change

The team reflects on the past season and listens to voicemails from some of our previous guests, before we relaunch the podcast with a new concept in a few weeks.


 2021-09-19  43m

episode 39: Bengaluru: Co-existing with the Virus

Alan Rocha talks about his close calls with Covid during India's second wave, dating in the pandemic and getting a new cat companion.


 2021-08-22  22m

episode 38: Quito: Of Kids and Doctors

Blanca shares how strictly her 5-year-old is following the health protocols and how she found her unborn son's name.


 2021-08-08  21m

episode 37: Yaoundé: Didn't the Pandemic End Last Year?

Cameroonian nurse Durance shares how Covid hit her in person. Also she talks about how little people in her central-African home care about the pandemic and how misinfomation lead to empty vaccination centers.


 2021-07-25  25m

episode 36: Washington: The Power of Lollipops

Katherine reflects upon her last months of her second job on the frontlines as a COVID-19 testing site worker.


 2021-07-11  30m

episode 35: Taipei: The Best of Both Worlds

Carina informs about the latest Covid outbreak in Taiwan, where life seemed to have gone back to normal just months ago, and how vaccination is politicized. She also talks about visiting Germany and being able to avoid escalated lockdowns in both places.


 2021-06-27  33m

episode 34: Bonus: A Pandemic Wedding and Vaccine Blues

At the end of another season of the podcast, the Team gather to reflect and look forward and share our own stories of getting vaccinated (or not), making plans for the future and celebrating a wedding in a foreign country during the pandemic.


 2021-06-13  33m

episode 33: Santiago de Chile: Post-Dictatorship Politics and the Pandemic

Santiago based lawyer Joaquín says he almost went insane spending much time home alone in lockdown with his cats. He shares how the pandemic hit Chile and how the coronavirus has made the socioeconomic challenges even more evident.


 2021-05-30  34m