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Danger! Firefighters catch snakes in Thailand

Bangkok's fire department catches more snakes than it extinguishes fires. During the rainy season the reptiles often hide in peoples' homes. With snakes ranging from harmless to highly poisonous, fireman Sontaya Wangjam never knows what to expect.



Reporter - Intersex - Redefining Gender

Christian is intersex: neither totally female nor totally male. Just like 160,000 other people in Germany. As a child, Christian was operated to live as a girl. Now, he identifies as a man and wants to know how that fateful decision came to pass.



Europe’s Canine Black Market

Stefan Klippstein is an expert on the dog trade. For over five years now, the volunteer animal welfarist has been rescuing dogs from smugglers. Millions of dogs are thought to be sold illegally in Europe every year.


 2019-09-14  12m

Reporter - Abducted: A father's search for his sons

Björn Echternach from Berlin is desperate. Two years ago his wife left and returned to her homeland of Japan, taking the couple's two sons with her. Echternach has had no contact with his children ever since.


 2019-08-31  12m

Two Fathers – Two Babies The Daily Life of Gay Parents

Johnny and Stefan are a gay couple. Thanks to an egg donor and surrogate mother, they are now also proud fathers of the twins Amalia and Aurelio. A family like any other, they say.


 2019-07-27  12m

Reporter - A Woman’s Tour de France?

The Tour de France is one of the world’s biggest sporting events, alongside the football World Cup and Wimbledon. But so far, it’s only open to men. A group of female cyclists in France wants to change this.


 2019-07-20  12m

Reporter - Moon mission: A long journey into space

Matthias Maurer has always dreamed of being the first German on the moon. Out of 8,500 applicants who share the same dream, he was one of only 10 selected. Now, he’s going through rigorous astronaut training.


 2019-07-13  12m

Missing Dad! Deported from the USA

Married, a house, two kids, good jobs: the Escobars led a model life. Then Trump’s immigration policy took effect and José was deported. He had come to the United States as an undocumented minor. Now Rose is fighting to bring her husband back home.


 2019-06-29  12m

For a Free Future! Young Hongkongers Rise Up

17-year-old Zack Ho should really be studying for his final exams. But Hong Kong’s future is so important to him that he's spending most of his time on the street -- protesting against a proposed extradition bill with hundreds of thousands of others.


 2019-06-22  12m

Reporter - Violence against paramedics

As paramedics, Marcus Müller and Tobias Filler, who work in Offenbach, are there for anyone who is injured and needs help. But their dream job is turning into a nightmare.


 2019-06-15  12m