Resurrections- An Adam Warlock and Thanos Podcast

A podcast dedicated to the Marvel Comics characters Adam Warlock and Thanos

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episode 148: Episode 148- Ruffalo, Cumberbatch and Holland (Wilderness Years Part 1)

Jon Wilson is back as we start to talk about the period between Marvel Two-In-One Annual 2 and Silver Surfer 34, when both Adam and Thanos were "dead"! Covering all of their flashbacks, cameos and cosmic events that will eventually lead us to The Infinit...



episode 147: Episode 147- Supplemental #9 Marvel Comics 1000

Chris Sheehan of X-Lapsed fame joins me as we start to cover the mystery of the Eternity Mask from Marvel Comics 1000! Black Hood (Impact Comics) Facebook Grand Comics Database Jason O'Mara Joe Maneely Legion of Substitute Podcasters Marvel Comics Mike's...



episode 146: Episode 146- MCU 2021 Part 2

Continued from last episode, Jon Wilson is back as we talk about the rest of the MCU films and shows from 2021 including What If..?! Eternals Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Also, we go over which shows and movies were YOUR favorites (if you we...



episode 145: Episode 145- MCU 2021 Part 1

At the end of 2020 Jon Wilson joined us in talking about all of the upcoming MCU films and TV shows that were announced.  Now, it's the end of 2021 and Jon is back as we talk about the ones that have come out so far! WandaVison The Falcon and the Winter ...


 2021-12-14  1h30m

episode 144: Episode 144- History of the Marvel Universe #1

You want Marvel Cosmic, we got Marvel Cosmic! Peter Rios is here to help me talk about the history (and even some Pre-History) of the Marvel Universe! From the creation of "Abstracts" like Oblivion to Tuk the Caveboy! Who's older, Apocalypse or Thor? Wha...


 2021-11-28  2h18m

episode 143: Episode 143- Death Waters of the River Styx

It's been a year so it's time another look at Scott Edleman's Scarecrow! This time Tim Price and Brian Z are back to talk about his second appearance in Marvel Spotlight #26! It's an episode of obscure 1970's references and confusion, so download and joi...


 2021-11-14  1h36m

episode 142: Episode 142- Our Turn (Mephisto vs the Podcasters Year 4)

Another Halloween has come and that means costumes, trick-or-treating, the Great Pumpkin and of course, Mephisto! This year he is trying to mix things up by giving us the most mixed up crossover of them all, My Little Pony/Transformers: Friendship in Dis...


 2021-10-30  1h31m

episode 141: Episode 141- Death in the Atomic Age TBP

Here it is! The last collection of our "Supplemental" episodes! Representing material from Episodes 70 and 133 with guest Ryan Daly! Batman: Knightcast  CheersCast Death (DC Comics) Death (Marvel) D'Spayre Facebook Fire and Water Records Give Me Those St...


 2021-10-17  41m

Mephisto vs The Podcasters- Year 4 Promo

Mephisto is back and up to his usual stupidity. Will he succeed against us, Married Watching Cartoons, Jeff and Rick Present Unpacking the Power of Power Pack and the Outcasters or not?  I mean, if you listened to the last three crossovers you should kno...


 2021-10-10  1m

episode 140: Episode 140- Death in the Golden Age TPB Vol.2

Representing the next three appearances of Death from the Golden Age Timely Comics! With material from episodes 102, 124 and 132. Featuring the Golden Age Thunderer, Black Marvel and Young Allies with Jason from the Podcast That Goes Snikt! Al Avison Boy...


 2021-09-27  1h7m