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Paige wants to tell you about all things spine-chilling and hair-raising. From true crime to weird events, she wants to discuss it all. Reverie means to daydream, but even daydreams can turn into nightmares. Join Paige as she tells you stories about horrific reveries, eerie events, and talks with victims of injustice, as well as survivors.Do you want to suggest a true crime case or something eerie? Send suggestions:

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episode 14: Elisa Lam: A Mysterious Tragedy at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles

Elisa Lam was from Canada. She took a break from her studies and traveled alone to California. When she eventually got to the Cecil Hotel, things got bizarre. Paige discusses the elevator surveillance camera footage. Plus, everything before and after that. Paige gives her opinion but she’d love to know yours.

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 2020-02-16  28m

episode 13: Bonus Episode: Nicholas Forman

This episode is about the tragic death of Sabrina Harooni in Pennsylvania by the hands of her abusive boyfriend, Nicholas Forman. It happened on February 2nd, 2020.
Paige will have updates posted in the Facebook group, All the Things That Keep Us Up at Night Podcast, as soon as updates are available.

His preliminary hearing was today but nothing as of yet on what happened during court. 

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 2020-02-13  7m

episode 12: Michael Valva and Angela Pollina: What Happened to Tommy Valva?

⚠️Trigger warning:
This episode involves child abuse and the death of a child.

This case is still on-going and as it develops, Paige will post updates in the Facebook group: Reverie True Crime Podcast. Michael and Angela are basically two abusive pieces of garbage. 

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 2020-02-10  21m

episode 11: Chris Benoit: The Life and Death of a Wrestling Superstar

This is the first time Paige has a guest on the show.

There was a bit of a lag on Paige’s end. This episode’s co-host is the host of GregsWorld, Greg!

They explore the life of Chris Benoit, their conspiracies and opinions surrounding the double murder and suicide. There’s something sketchy about Kevin Sullivan...


 2020-02-04  42m

11. Bonus Episode: Mary Bell

This is a mini-episode about the murderous 10 year old, Mary Bell. Sponsors: JumpyJellybeanBathBombs You can shop there with the code SPOOKY at checkout for a discount. Anything $25+ and you’ll get free shipping! Lash Binder  Use code BINDERBABE...


 2020-02-02  16m

episode 10: Dennis Nilsen: UK Serial Killer and Necrophile

For reference, this is very similar to the Jeffrey Dahmer case. He committed these terrible crimes before Dahmer in the UK. Buckle up!

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 2020-01-28  59m

episode 9: Bethesda Home for Girls: An Abusive Home Disguised as a Safe Haven

This is about a physically, mentally and emotionally abusive home that was created in the 60s/70s and ran until the late 80s. It was a very cult-like environment. A girl died trying to escape. Some managed to escape and were never seen again. Press play to dive into this horrible home.

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 2020-01-23  29m

episode 8: Kuhn Memorial State Hospital: A Paranormal Investigation Leads to a Corpse

This episode takes place in Vicksburg, Mississippi. A paranormal team goes to the Kuhn Memorial State Hospital to investigate. They get more than they bargained for when they realize a murder just took place there.

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 2020-01-17  20m

episode 7: Holly Harvey and Sandra Ketchum: Murdering in the Name of Love

Teenagers, in 2004, running on hormones, impulses, crack laced weed and irrational decisions make such a terrible choice in life. They are spending their lives in prison (unless they get paroled in 2024 or so). This heinous act of violence didn’t have to happen. Teenage years don’t last forever and you shouldn’t murder anyone ever, especially, because of teen angst and heartache. Those days won’t last BUT prison days will. Now those teenage years and your 20s (maybe your whole life) are gone...


 2020-01-14  26m

episode 6: The West Memphis Three: Trials and Where They Are Now

Paige is wrapping up the case of the West Memphis Three. Explaining the trials and where they are now, as far as what she could find.

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 2020-01-10  29m