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The Real Me: Trailer

“The Real Me,” a new production from Pantheon Podcasts premiering Tuesday, Oct. 5, follows the emotionally powerful stories of young songwriters and performers with cancer who found hope, healing and connection through music.



Badlands: A New Podcast Trailer

BADLANDS is a brand new podcast from Jake Brennan, creator and host of the award-winning music and true crime podcast, DISGRACELAND. BADLANDS is a new anthology that blends hardcore history and true crime, with transgressive stories from the worlds of celebrity, sports, and beyond.


 2021-05-06  4m


It ain't over til it's over.


 2020-08-20  37m

episode 194: 324 - RED HEADED STRANGER

In 1975 Willie Nelson made a truly inspired record, a stark collection of sparsely recorded songs that told a dark story. 


 2020-07-31  1h17m

episode 208: 323 - EMITT RHODES 1950 - 2020

Emitt Rhodes, a brilliant artist with seemingly unlimited potential, was chewed up and spit out by the record industry. He died last weekend, but not before he was able to make a comeback in 2016 with his first album in more than 40 years. This episode i...


 2020-07-24  1h26m

episode 205: 322 - GET TERRITORIAL

Gotta find a way. A better way. A better way.


 2020-07-17  48m

episode 207: 321 - WORST OF AC/DC (THE BON SCOTT YEARS)

He's got big balls and she's got big balls but we've got the biggest balls of them all as BJ and Brian Sword discuss the worst AC/DC songs from the Bon Scott years.


 2020-07-10  1h20m

episode 201: 320 - AOR????????????????? AOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never enough AOR!


 2020-07-03  1h27m

episode 204: 319 - A WHITER SHADE OF PALE

A band named after a cat writes a song inspired by a television commercial and it becomes one of the most ubiquitous and iconic singles of all time, including over 1000 recorded cover versions.


 2020-06-26  1h29m

episode 206: 318 - CCR & FOGERTY (with Lee McCormack)

BJ is joined once again by Lee McCormack from the Tramps Like Us podcast for a discussion about the history of Creedence Clearwater Revival and John Fogerty and then each counts down his top ten favorite Creedence/Fogerty songs. Order Lee's single "Train...


 2020-06-19  2h20m