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A glimpse into the rock music entertainment industry--today and yesterday--as well as other genres. Rock At Night provides interviews with fresh up and coming bands around the world as well as classic staples. Interviews with people currently working in the music industry as well as those with nostalgic memories from the past provide fun entertainment to those interested in the music industry. The sample of Rock At Night's intro song "Get On Down" was provided by our own member Billy Alford with permission.

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Chatting with Aussie glam rock artist Jason CROSSON

Aussie glam rock artist Jason Crosson of CROSSON discusses the bands glam rock image; the new album Rock n Roll Love Affair; his love of the 80s; and life during the COVID-19 pandemic. [...]



Chatting with music promoter Randy “Now” Ellis of the iconic venue City Gardens

Randy Now Ellis discusses RIOT ON THE DANCE FLOOR : THE STORY OF RANDY NOW AND CITY GARDENS from director Steve Tozzi; the history of punk rock music in Trenton, New Jersey; Save The Cave, an effort to support Randy Nows Man Cave; and much more! [...]



Chatting with August Vegner with Last Electric Rodeo, a Post Apocalyptic, Spaghetti Western Surf Rock Band

August Vegner with Last Electric Rodeo chats about how this Post-Apocalyptic, Spaghetti Western Surf Rock Band was formed, his background in theater, what to expect at a Last Electric Rodeo concert, and more! [...]


 2020-04-25  35m

Chatting with Jacob Cade of THE BRKN

Jacob Cade of THE BRKN discusses his philosophy on life, how the band is coping and overcoming this distancing while still creating music and sharing it with the world. [...]


 2020-04-06  41m

Chatting with guitar phenom Derek Day

Derek Day discusses how he got started in music; his Fender endorsement; what the future holds; and we even dug deep to his Honduran roots and spoke a little bit of Spanish.


 2020-02-17  16m

Chatting with Derek Sharp of The Guess Who

Derek Sharp of The Guess Who discusses the last 12 years as the lead singer of The Guess Who; life on the road; how he got into the band; Tommy Shaw of Styx; and his hobbies outside of the band. And click on the play button above to listen to some lively


 2020-02-17  15m

Chatting with Glenn Stewart and Lindsey Pittard of Victims of Circumstance

Glenn and Lindsey gave a brief history of the band, how they formed (very few band changes to the lineup over the years), how the band uses a collaborative process to write their songs, venues they like to play, artists that inspire them and more about t


 2019-11-27  32m

Chatting with heavy metal artist SUZY

Suzy, a 62 year old singer/songwriter who went to the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp had her dreams come true! After being compared to Joni Mitchell meets Metallica or Joan Baez meets Judas Priest--that kind of encouragement kept her going with dreams of mak


 2019-11-11  32m

Chatting with UK blues artist Laurence Jones

In this interview, Jones discusses his early years as a teen blues guitar prodigy; his growth as an artist the last five years; the evolution of the Laurence Jones Band; and the making of the new self-titled Laurence Jones Band album.


 2019-10-20  28m

Chatting with 80s icon Josie Cotton

80s icon Josie Cotton discusses the release of Everything Is Oh Yeah, a record that was never released 30 years ago--until now! She discusses the film Nomads, her love of mid-century furniture; her retro style; and much more!


 2019-10-03  28m