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A bunch of laughing and finger snapping while we talk about relationships, sex and self love.

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episode 57: He Cheated And I’m Staying EP:57

The title says it all. Today I am talking about staying in a relationship after your partner has cheated and trying to navigate that relationship. Make sure you follow on Instagram @selfcarexchill and Maui The Writer on YouTube



episode 56: I Feel So Alone EP:56

This episode we talk about getting through feeling alone, not liking who we see in the mirror and learning to feel better about ourselves. Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube Maui The Writer and follow the instagram pages @selfcarexhill and @thesoftestlife



episode 55: I Love A Married Man EP:55

This episode I answer a listener’s question about her relationship she currently has with a man that is married. What should she do? Should she move on or is it okay because he isn’t happy? Make sure you run into this episode. Follow on social media @selfcarexchill and @thesoftestlife



episode 54: Healthy Relationship Tips EP:54

This episode we discuss some things we can work on to make our relationship better and healthier. Make sure you follow on Instagram @selfcarexchill and follow @thesoftestlife


 2022-08-28  33m

episode 53: I Don’t Know How To Love Me EP:53

This episode I talk about what my self love journey looked like in the beginning for me, what I learned in some relationships and what made me start it. I hope someone needed to hear this today. Make sure you follow on Instagram @selfcarexchill and @thesoftestlife


 2022-08-21  44m

episode 52: I’m Just Too Nice EP:52

This episode is for the ones who are always nice to everyone when they like someone or are dating. Liking people way too fast, doing the most and not thinking of yourself. Meet me in Wilmington De 8/31. Make sure you follow on Instagram @selfcarexchill and @thesoftestlife


 2022-08-04  21m

episode 51: I Want My Partner To Do All The Work EP:51

Todays episode I talk about making sure you can reciprocate what you require. A lot of people are looking for other people to show up in areas in their life where they lack and looking for void fillers. Being honest and accountable if this is us in relationships and doing the work to change that. Make sure you follow on Instagram @selfcarexchill and @thesoftestlife


 2022-07-31  25m

episode 50: How Do I Know When To Leave EP:50

This episode we talk about how do we know when it is time to leave someone. Knowing our worth, creating boundaries and not allowing people to treat us how they see fit. Hopefully this is confirmation for someone who has been trying for far too long to make something work with a person who continues to do things to jeopardize everything. Make sure you follow @selfcarexchill and @thesoftestlife on Instagram


 2022-07-26  26m

episode 49: The Sex So Damn Good EP:49

On this episode I am talking to the people who are finding it hard to let go of someone because the sex is good or they have caught feelings for someone who they only have been having sex with. Realizing that the standards we have for ourselves should be more than how well someone can have sex with us. Make sure you follow these instagram pages @selfcarexchill and @thesoftestlife


 2022-07-10  31m

episode 48: Be Submissive They Say EP:48

This episode we talk about all of the social media talk we hear about women needing to be this or be that for a man. There are too many posts telling women how to treat a man and not enough statements to help women understand what type of man deserves that type of treatment or helping men understand women more or treat them better. But have no fear, Maui is here and she has an opinion...


 2022-07-02  23m