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      episode 46: 44 - Doing the Work: Adventure Photographer Kylie Fly

      We talk with Kylie Fly about how she's creating her own career in the outdoor industry as an adventure photographer, when it's right to say no to opportunities, and why for her, people always come first.

      Featuring Kylie Fly. Find her on Instagram and see more of her photography in her portfolio.

      Kylie's tips for making your career:
      1) Put yourself out there. Whether it’s the side of a mountain, on social media, or in Peru, Kylie practices her craft by doing ...



      episode 45: 43 - Tired But Happy, Together

      Host Gale takes her twin sister Lora backpacking for the very first time. They spend the night in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The hope? To be tired but happy, together.

      Featuring Lora and Gale Straub.

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      episode 44: 42 - A Moment of Growth

      The smallest moments can have a real impact on our lives. We reflect on those moments in the outdoors, in the workplace, and in our personal lives. In this episode, we hear from a solo sailor approaching fifty years old, an adventure photographer on a mission to learn how to surf, an entrepreneur letting go after a loss, and a cancer survivor celebrating with a hike - among others.

      Recorded in part at No Man's Land Film Festival in Carbondale,...



      episode 43: 41 - Permission Slip

      Ever feel like you need permission to try something new? We talk with Amanda Machado, author of the Vox essay "The Strangeness of Being a Latina who Loves Hiking." Amanda brings up the astute point that we so often look around us for permission to take a risk, when we just might not find it within our close circles. Amanda's advice? Go for it anyway.

      We talk with Amanda about growing up in Florida, how she got into hiking and backpacking, and traveling the world in her 20's. Most...



      episode 42: 40 - Confidence

      On the trail, is confidence good, bad, or something in between? We talk with Lisa Michelle, a woman who lost her hiking partner tragically while hiking solo. We discover how Lisa is able to reconcile still doing what she loves when there's risk involved.

      Lisa doesn’t know the full details of her friend’s death (allegedly she fell while hiking in a foreign country), but she knows that her friend felt most confident (maybe too confident) in her hiking boots with a pack on. But is it ...



      episode 41: 39 - Out There: High On Failure

      Can failure bring out the best in you? We're excited to share one of our favorite outdoor podcasts with you, "Out There Podcast." This week, we chat with host Willow Belden and share her award-winning episode, "High On Failure."

      Last spring, Jordan Wirfs-Brock attempted one of the toughest trail running races in existence: a 550-miler called Infinitus, which took place in the rugged mountains of Vermont. Jordan wasn't new to ultra running, but this race was more extreme than...



      episode 40: 38 - On Paper

      What do you do when your life looks great "on paper" but it isn't the life you want? We talk with Shelby Stanger, journalist and host of the podcast "Wild Ideas Worth Living" about what she gained when she left a high paying job 9 years ago to pursue a freelance journalism career.

      For Shelby, what looked good on paper, a job that looked fantastic in other people’s eyes and that she’d told herself should look great in her own, resulted in a dissonance that lead her to make a big lif...



      episode 39: 37 - Carving Out a Home of Her Own

      Crystal Brindle is the park ranger only child of two park rangers. She was born to work for the National Park Service in the United States, so why did she decide to start a career as a biodiversity ranger in New Zealand? After a childhood on the move, Crystal found a home of her own.

      The Spanish notion of querencia that Crystal describes is core to her story - that indescribable feeling that draws you to a place. Yet, her story is also about growing up, following in her parents...



      episode 38: 36 - Complicating the Narrative: the Women's Outdoor Summit for Empowerment

      What's top of mind for women in the outdoor industry right now? We go to the inaugural "Women's Outdoor Summit for Empowerment" in the Presidio Trust of San Francisco with that question in the back of our mind. We find out that "empowerment" is more dynamic than the story we often tell ourselves.

      Featuring Teresa Baker, Alyssa Ravasio, Kelly Martin, Cicely Muldoon, Jarre Hamilton, Erin Thiem, Kate Mullen, Ava Holliday, Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin, Stephanie Barron, and Andrea...



      episode 37: 35 - More Than Lyme: Redefining Strength

      We talk with Chloe O’Neill, founder of "More Than Lyme." She’s had Lyme Disease for most of her young life. For Chloe, the vague, intermittent, but often debilitating symptoms of the disease have impacted her life view in both negative and remarkably positive ways. Many of the lessons its taught her are surprisingly universal - whether that's becoming more at ease with gray areas or redefining personal strength.

      Stay tuned for the end of the episode, there's a sneak peak of our new...