She Explores

Inquisitive women in the outdoors, on the road, and besides. A podcast for and about women who are inspired by time spent outside.



      episode 54: 52 - Commitment and Community: Nicole Brown

      Nicole Brown is founder of Women Who Hike. In October, she set out to hike Southern California's three highest mountains in 24 hours. Nicole was confident leading up to the challenge, but very little went according to plan. Learn about the power of her community, living (and hiking) with a chronic autoimmune disease, and committing to a challenge, even when success might just be out of reach.



      episode 53: 51 - Never Too Late to Become a Mountain Nomad

      After 15 years working a practicing lawyer, Marinel de Jesus decided to leave her legal career to pursue her love of the mountains and run her trekking company, Peak Explorations, full time. Marinel’s is a story of great cultural expectations: after a childhood growing up in the Philippines, Marinel moved to Seattle at the age of 13. Her parents instilled in her the importance of stability: finding a good job, marrying, having a family. As the only daughter, she was closely protected and e...



      episode 52: 50 - Her Legacy

      We travel to Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia to create a story about the visible impact we leave behind on the country we live in and the countries we visit.



      episode 51: 49 - Great Lakes, Greater Goals: Traci Lynn Martin

      Traci Lynn Martin is currently attempting two big goals: 1) to set a new world record for number of miles paddled in a surfski kayak 2) to be the first to circumnavigate all 5 Great Lakes in that kayak within 12 months. These are seriously big goals, but to Traci, they're just a series of little goals to show other people with Rheumatoid Arthritis what they could achieve, too.



      episode 50: 48 - Where is Wilderness?

      Last winter Emma Hayward reached out to ask Gale, "What does wilderness mean to you?" Emma was working on her senior thesis project. As an environmental science major with a love for the ocean, she wanted to dig into not only the "what" of wilderness, but the "where."



      episode 49: 47 - Cerebral Palsy Strong: Katy Fetters

      We talk with Katy Fetters, founder of the movement Cerebral Palsy Strong, about how she's found adaptability and vulnerability to be her strengths on the trail, overlanding in South America, and in every day life.



      episode 48: 46 - The Unexpected of the Cave

      There's magic to be found in a small park. Writer Korrin Bishop shares Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve through the voices of three women: park superintendent Vicki Snitzler, interpretive ranger Kat Gans, and artist Jean Robertson.



      episode 47: 45 - When a Run is Not Just a Run: Olympian Sarah Attar

      Sarah Attar, the first female runner to represent Saudi Arabia in the Olympics, believes in the intimacy of learning a landscape on your own two feet. We talk with Sarah about the inspiration she finds in the mountain town of Mammoth Lakes, the power of tuning in to your speaking voice, and the recognition that every hill you climb and every accomplishment you make becomes a part of you.



      episode 46: 44 - Doing the Work: Adventure Photographer Kylie Fly

      We talk with Kylie Fly about how she's creating her own career in the outdoor industry as an adventure photographer, when it's right to say no to opportunities, and why for her, people always come first.



      episode 45: 43 - Tired But Happy, Together

      Host Gale takes her twin sister Lora backpacking for the very first time. They spend the night in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The hope? To be tired but happy, together.