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Inquisitive women in the outdoors, on the road, and besides. A podcast for and about women who are inspired by time spent outside.



      episode 65: 63 - Risk Takers

      What happens when we take risks when we’re spending time outside? How does it pay off and when does it backfire? These are your stories of taking risks in the outdoors.



      episode 64: 62 - All In: Sarah Menzies

      Sarah Menzies is all in. Whether it's her adventure documentary film career or her relationships, Sarah is fully committed to following through on giving back to others. Sarah’s story is about what she would do for her many loves, and in turn, and what they would do for her.



      episode 63: 61 - Offline: In Open Air

      What happens when we go offline for a camping and hiking trip in the Olympic Peninsula with a plein air painter and a food blogger? We get really inspired.



      episode 62: 60 - HumaNature: The Hunt

      Jessi Johnson is a bowhunter and a public lands advocate. This week we're presenting a story from the HumaNature podcast about how one backcountry trip lead her on a heartbreaking odyssey.



      episode 61: 59 - The Girls behind 'Granite Gals'

      Sisters Alex and Sage Herr have been summiting peaks in the White Mountains since they were 5 years old. Now 15 and almost 13, respectively, their enthusiasm for hiking has remained the same as ever. Proof that for all the activities we grow out of in life, there’s no saying you have to grow out of hiking.



      episode 60: 58 - Are you allowed to change your dream?

      Maybe it's a list of mountains to climb, or debt to repay, or a family to grow - we all tuck dreams in the back of our minds. And yet the older we get, the more we realize that life gets in the way. Many of us end up looking in the mirror and asking the scariest of questions: Am I allowed to change my dream?


       2018-03-07  42m

      episode 59: 57 - Abuela Afuera: Grandmother Outside

      Caro Luevanos-Garcia believes the key to closing the gaps between generations can be found in the outdoors. And she also believes the inverse: that people across generations can find the outdoors with the help of each other.


       2018-02-28  30m

      episode 58: 56: An (Adventure) Book Club for the 21st Century

      A book is often just a jumping off point to talk about other topics we care deeply about. In this episode, we bring mountain guide and writer Charlotte Austin's Adventure Grapes Online Book Club to life. Along with Charlotte and outdoor author Shawnté Salabert, host Gale Straub discusses questions of gender roles in the outdoors and adventure narratives, as well as the outdoors' role in mental health issues.


       2018-02-21  42m

      episode 57: 55 - What They Have In Common: Pure Land

      Interview with Annette McGivney, author of Pure Land. When she says she has something in common with a murderer, she’s right. And she also has something in common with a tourist from Japan, as well as the American landscape. Annette's is a story of trauma, healing, and connection. While there's darkness, there's a whole lot of light.


       2018-02-14  39m

      episode 56: 54 - Fifty Plus

      What is it like to enjoy the outdoors after the age of 50? We asked and you answered.


       2018-01-31  48m