She Explores

Inquisitive women in the outdoors, on the road, and besides. A podcast for and about women who are inspired by time spent outside.



      episode 73: 71 - DIY: Advocating for Parks Near and Far

      A beginner's guide of sorts to advocating for land we can all love and enjoy. This week, we’re back camping with Amanda Machado, the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), and 13 women who are passionate about learning about championing public land.



      episode 72: 70 - Breaking Ground for Others

      Ever feel like you're alone in your relationship with the outdoors? Join a group of women who are leading the way in their communities by spending time outside and breaking ground for others to do the same.



      episode 71: 69 - One Step at a Time: Karla Amador

      Could a hike a week change your life? Interview with Karla Amador, co-founder of 52 Hike Challenge. We talk about why she chose to hike 52 times in a year, how It helped clarify what she wanted out of work and life, and how a feeling of accomplishment can carry with you long after the trail.



      episode 70: 68 - Perfectly Capable of Climbing: Kareemah Batts

      Kareemah Batts is a cancer survivor and the founder of Adaptive Climbing Group. After finding climbing after losing part of her leg to cancer, Kareemah wanted to share the feeling she has on the wall with others. She's done with sympathy, she just wants to climb.



      episode 69: 67 - Fat and Outdoorsy: Jenny Bruso

      Jenny Bruso is the founder of Unlikely Hikers. Her work is rooted in her belief that there is room for every body on the trail.



      episode 68: 66 - Finding Nature in the In-Between: Simone Martin-Newberry

      Simone Martin-Newberry is a plant person. And the attention she pays to flora has led to her discovery that contrary to what most media would have you believe, nature is everywhere - especially if you're open to finding it.


       2018-05-16  34m

      episode 67: 65 - Playing to Her Strengths

      In climbing, it's key trust yourself and your community. Discover what it's like to attend the Flash Foxy Women's Climbing Festival through the ears of a beginner. Jaymie Shearer takes us to Bishop, CA to climb, contemplate, and learn some life lessons.


       2018-05-09  43m

      episode 66: 64 - When You Just Have to Laugh

      Those moments on the trail when you just have to laugh because it's the only way forward. Live storytelling of mishaps in the outdoors and an interview with Marielle Cowdin of Oregon Wild. Recorded at the Columbia Flagship store in Portland, OR.


       2018-04-25  46m

      episode 65: 63 - Risk Takers

      What happens when we take risks when we’re spending time outside? How does it pay off and when does it backfire? These are your stories of taking risks in the outdoors.


       2018-04-18  45m

      episode 64: 62 - All In: Sarah Menzies

      Sarah Menzies is all in. Whether it's her adventure documentary film career or her relationships, Sarah is fully committed to following through on giving back to others. Sarah’s story is about what she would do for her many loves, and in turn, and what they would do for her.


       2018-04-11  45m