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Part of the world History section. How Countries developed and major historical events. Check out our youtube channel for other historical videos podcasts.

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episode 11: Britain in the 20th and 21st Century Introduction

Covering the most modern history of Britain- life altering wars, economic reforms, welfare systems.


 2023-01-28  7m

episode 12: Britain in World War 1

The causes and effects of WW1 for Britain


 2023-01-28  9m

episode 13: Britain in World War 2

Causes and effects of WW2 on Britain and the collapse of an Empire


 2023-01-28  11m

episode 14: Post War Britain

Examine the after effects of both wars, the collapse of the empire and a new type of society emerging- the welfare state


 2023-01-28  9m

episode 15: 21st Century Britain

A new century and new challenges facing Britain. Examine the causes of Brexit and the London Olympics.


 2023-01-28  10m

episode 16: War of the Roses Part 1

Explore the background of England's most brutal civil war, and hear about the first stages of the war between the York and Lancaster houses vying for the power of the English throne. This is part 1 of 3 podcasts exploring this complex civil war.


 2023-04-16  10m

episode 17: War of the Roses Part II

The second part of the war of the Roses- the dynastic civil war that spanned 3 decades.


 2023-04-19  10m

episode 18: War of the Roses: Part III

The conclusion of the dynastic civil war, the dramatic end of the last York king and the emergence of a new dynasty: the Tudors.


 2023-04-23  8m