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episode 8: The British Empire: Dawn of a New age (part 1)

In Today's Episode, we will be examining the British Empire at the start of the era. What factors caused the Empire to Develop from a humble Island Nation to a Global Super Power? Part 1 of a 3 part series.



episode 7: Silver Eyes & Iron Hands: The Strange History of Prosthetics

In today's episode Eric Flynn is back discussing the History of Prosthetics- a strange journey that takes us from Ancient Egypt to Modern times.



episode 6: Enoch Powell: The Most Divisive Politician In The UK

In Today's episode, we will examine British Politician: Enoch Powell. Simultananeously revered and reviled, this complex and engaging man shaped the discussion on Immigration in the UK for the last 50 years.



episode 5: The Disturbing Mystery of the Flannan Isles Lighthouse

In Today's episode we will be talking about the strange event that took place in Scotland, at the turn of the 20th century. Still unexplained, the disappearance of 3 lighthouse keepers shook the small community. We will be looking at the men who vanished, to the evidence found, and some of the theories put forward.



episode 4: Animation: The Greatest Japanese Export

In Today's episode, we will be talking about Japanese Animation. One of the most influential soft powers, Animation has thrust Japanese culture into the spotlight, and amassed an enormous Global following. We'll look at the origins of the distinct styles all the way to the perculiar nuances that fans love.


 April 18, 2024  9m

episode 3: The Great Heathen Army: Viking Terror across England

In Today's episode we will be examining the largest Viking Army ever formed, and their reign of Terror across Anglo Saxon England.


 April 11, 2024  10m

episode 2: Uncovering the Untold Story of the 1948 Costa Rica Revolution

In Today's episode we will be talking about the 1948 Revolution in Costa Rica that changed the society dramatically, redefining the future direction and making Costa Rica the unique Nation it is today.


 April 4, 2024  9m

episode 1: A Taste of Tradition: The Enduring Legacy of Sushi

In today's episode we will be exploring Sushi- one of the most iconic dishes globally. Trace the origins of Sushi from a basic dish used for preserving fish to a global sensation.


 March 28, 2024  7m

episode 12: 10 Historical conspiracy Theories (part 3)

The final installment in our 3 part series on Historical Conspiracy Theories


 March 21, 2024  13m

episode 11: 10 weird Conspiracy Theories throughout History (part 2)

In Today's episode we will be looking at some of the most prevelant and strange conspiracy theories throughout history. This is part 2 of a 3 part series that will explore a selection of Conspiracies that have had originated throughout history, and which some are still around today.


 March 14, 2024  11m