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Join computer security industry veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault as they chat with guests about cybercrime, hacking, and online privacy. Winner: "Best Security Podcast 2018." Follow the podcast on Twitter at @SmashinSecurity. New episodes released every Thursday. Bonus "splinter" episodes when we feel like it...



      095: British Airways hack, Mac apps steal browser history, and one person has 285,000 texts leaked

      Malicious script is being blamed for the British Airways hack, Trend Micro's apps are booted out of the Mac App Store for snaffling private data, and Paul Manafort's daughter wants Twitter to remove a link.



      094: Rogue browser extensions, Twitter presence, and how to cheat in exams

      What's the danger when browser extensions go bad? Is Twitter sharing your online status a boon for stalkers? And which of the show's hosts is going to admit to cheating in their exams?



      093: Abandoned domains and dating app dangers

      How do fraudsters exploit abandoned domains to steal your company's secrets? How can you better protect your privacy when looking for love online? And who has the longest arms in the animal kingdom?



      092: Hacky sack hack hack

      Is your used car still connected to its old owner? Just how did Apple manage to identify the teenager hacker who stole 90GB of the firm's files? And why on earth would a firm of lawyers start producing pornographic videos? You'll be surprised by the answers!


       2018-08-23  51m

      091: Sextortion, Las Vegas hotels, and Alex Jones

      Just how did sextortionists get (some) of the digits in your phone number? Why are some hackers saying they won't be going to DEF CON in Las Vegas anymore? And should Alex Jones from InfoWars be banned from Twitter?


       2018-08-16  48m

      090: Fortnite for Android, and the FCC's DDoS BS

      Fortnite players are told they'll have to disable a security setting on Android, the FCC finally admits that it wasn't hit by a DDoS attack, and Verizon's VPN smallprint raises privacy concerns.


       2018-08-09  36m

      089: Data breaches, ransomware, Bitcoin robberies, and typewriters

      Ransomware rears its head again, Dixons Carphone reveals its data breach was almost 1000% worse than they previously thought, a man is accused of stealing five million dollars worth of cryptocurrency through hijacking mobile phones, and Canadian Norman is rushing to get the typewriters out of storage.


       2018-08-02  44m

      088: PayPal’s Venmo app even makes your drug purchases public

      Websites still using HTTP are marked as "not secure" by Chrome, 85,000 Google employees haven't been phished for a year, and if you're buying drugs via PayPal’s Venmo app you should say goodbye to privacy.


       2018-07-26  42m

      087: How Russia hacked the US election

      Regardless of whether Donald Trump believes Russia hacked the Democrats in the run-up to the US Presidential election or not, we explain how they did it. And Carole explores some of the creepier things being done in the name of surveillance.


       2018-07-19  44m

      086: Elon Musk submarine scams and 2FA bypass

      Crypto scamming Thai cave scoundrels! $25 million to make anti-fake news videos! TimeHop data breach! Phone number port out scams!


       2018-07-12  39m