Something About the Beatles

Hosted by award-winning author Robert Rodriguez, Something About The Beatles is an intelligent but entertaining examination of The Beatles' music and career. Smart, funny and surprising - just like the Fab Four.

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SATB Bonus show: JEM Records Celebrates John Lennon

Coming on what would've been the 80th anniversary of his birth, this collection of Lennon material - Beatles and solo - is being presented by a number of artists associated with Beatles music, among them The Weeklings and The Gripweeds. Consider this...


 2020-09-28  1h33m

202: Sylvie Simmons

You may know her as the award-winning veteran rock journalist (Creem, Kerrang!, Mojo, and so forth) who also penned the best-selling biography of Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen (2011), as well as Debbie Harry's memoir,...


 2020-09-25  1h35m

201: The Break-Up and "John vs Paul" with Erin Weber

In which this returning SATB fave () and I expand from previous discussions focusing on books to cover the media specifically around the time of the break-up, and how the nonsensical "John vs Paul - who was the greater genius?" discussion got fueled...


 2020-09-19  2h6m

200: A Conversation with Ethan Russell (part two)

For SATB's 200th episode (more or less), we're doing something special: returning with guest photographer/writer Ethan Russell, one of this most storied individuals in rock history through his iconic visual documentation of The Beatles, the Rolling...


 2020-09-11  1h33m

199: Credit Where Due with Luther Russell

In which my returning guest and I discuss this: what if The Beatles' songwriting credits were more accurately apportioned to reflect actual significant contributions from not-credited bandmates? Their recording career began with a singular...


 2020-08-20  1h40m

198: Chip Madinger/Plastic Ono Band

Presented as forerunner of the inevitable show revisiting John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band to come later this year as part of the 50th anniversary, returning guest Chip Madinger (Eight Arms To Hold You, Lennonology) and I discuss some of the assorted...


 2020-08-13  1h35m

197: Collecting The Beatles Part Three

Previous guest Russ Lease returns with stories from the world of top end collecting: vehicles (including the Magical Mystery Tour bus), attire (shoes, boots, jackets), paper (a Brian Epstein contract) and vinyl. Russ was the founder of , the...


 2020-07-27  1h21m

196: In The Studio 1968 w/ Jerry Hammack Part One

In his return to the show, we discuss 1968 and the making of the "White Album" (mostly), as explored in his most recent work, The Beatles' Recording Reference Manual Volume 4. Joining us is another returning guest, recording artist/performer/producer ...


 2020-07-11  1h46m

195: Little Richard Remembered

It seems particularly fitting at the time we find ourselves in to be discussing the art and career of rock pioneer Little Richard, who passed recently at 87. He represented a marginalized group in society, and his breakthrough, as unlikely as it was,...


 2020-06-07  1h43m

194: The Guest List Part 1

So an idea came up: who would SATB like to talk to in Beatle world and sit down for an interview? Qualifications: first, they have to be among the living (as of this taping); Second, they have to be completely honest and not fall back on deflection or...


 2020-05-25  2h4m