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4.29 What’s in a Name? Are Name Tattoos Taboo?

Transcript Welcome to “What’s in a name?” and our name tattoos actually taboo? And finally, a little bit about what I’ve been working on and what you can expect… but in true Elswyth order, we’re just going to flip those around a bit.



4.28 How to Succeed at Locktober Part Two

Find Part One here. Start making use of the Chastity Mindset Sessions today. Hypnotic trance, affirmations and post hypnotic suggestion to effortlessly keep you in a state of denial. Transcript Welcome to Part Two of How to Succeed at Locktober.



4.27 Sharing Your Bratty Behaviour Submissions

I’ve created a useful page for you to find out more about Locktober. Don’t forget that for the rest of the month, my favourite HFO/JOI sessions are on sale. Transcript Hey everyone. Today I am going to continue the topic of bratty behavior.



4.26 How to Succeed at Locktober, Part One

Are you looking forward to Locktober? There’s more information appearing on the Locktober page all the time. Find the new Chastity Mindset Sessions in the shop. Transcript So welcome to “How to Succeed at Locktober, Part One”.



4.25 Getting Longer An Auditory Experience – Release Three

The third instalment of Getting Longer An Auditory Experience is available from your Downloads page. And if you haven’t joined in this experience already, why not? Listen to the podcast episode to find out what we’ll be diving into later this week.



4.24 Brats, breaking, and a short hypnotic sensory session

In an upcoming instalment of Getting Longer, there will be a pointed focus on sensory play. As a precursor to this, after today’s podcast episode you will find my recording of the Lemon Convincer Script. If you aren’t familiar,



4.23 Audio Tools for Femdom Hypnosis

Transcript Welcome to Audio Tools for Femdom Hypnosis. Specifically, for my version of Femdom Hypnosis. This is totally a self-indulgent episode. It’s me talking about the way I like my sessions to come together and work as experiences.



4.22 Free Femdom “Forest Bathing” Hypno Session

I know you will enjoy this Forest Bathing experience. It includes the perfect amount of Femdom. And it takes place in the Shared Headspace, where you’re used to handing over the reigns to me. Transcript You may have noticed that this is a long podcast ...



4.21 Irresistible Things Men Do

Here in the UK we’ll be enjoying a three-day weekend. In spite of some plans being made here, I’m not skipping an episode of the podcast, but expect a Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday schedule next week. Tuesday will be provide a full-length hypnosis session,



Mind Control at a Play Party

Like Episode 10 this episode features a few Mind Control Fragments. You can also listen to individual fragments in the Playlist Player, on the website. Transcript Welcome to Episode 20. Your apophenia might begin to tingle today,


 2022-08-24  36m