Squirrel Friends Cocktail Hour - A Weekly recap of RuPaul's Drag Race

Squirrel Friends Cocktail Hour: Weekly recap of RuPauls Drag Race! Amanda and NIck do their best to stay on-topic about each episode of RuPaul's Drag Race while drinking heavily. After all, there's ALWAYS time for a COCK-tail!


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Season 9: Episode 9 “Your Pilot’s on Fire”

Good morrow, Squirrel Fwends!  On TONYT’s episode, Nick and Amanda unpack all the drama surrounding Valentina’s shocking elimination.  Nick recaps his love tweeting from Friday night, Amanda takes a phone call from her mom, and the hosts rehas


 2017-05-22  n/a

Season 9: Episode 8 “After Hours”

On this episode of after hours, Nick and Amanda recap all of the excitement this week on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Amanda revisits her subPAR LOYV tweeting and Dan Reilly delivers  the best Alexis Michelle read EVER! Enjoy 🙂 


 2017-05-16  n/a

Season 9: Episode 8 “Rupaul Roast”

You GUYS! This was a great and fun episode okurrr? Amanda and Nick are here to BREAK DOWN THIS ROAST. You will hear tales of our own personal struggles and what we would have a problem being read about, Nick finally breaks into the world of The Handmaid&#


 2017-05-15  n/a

Season 9: Episode 7 “After Hours”



 2017-05-09  n/a

Season 9: Episode 7 “9021 HO!”

Welcome to an extra special episode of cocktail hour! This is our shortest episode by far, but really it’s a miracle Amanda is even remotely awake or emotionally present during this thing at all! Why you ask? All will be RU-vealed with a click of th


 2017-05-07  n/a