Squirrel Friends Cocktail Hour - A Weekly recap of RuPaul's Drag Race

Squirrel Friends Cocktail Hour: Weekly recap of RuPauls Drag Race! Amanda and NIck do their best to stay on-topic about each episode of RuPaul's Drag Race while drinking heavily. After all, there's ALWAYS time for a COCK-tail!


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All Stars 5 : Episode 8 “Finale”

We have a winner baby! Join Nick and Amanda as they gab about the highs and lows of the All Stars 5 finale, but not before having a 15 minute tangent about the weather and Nick’s Air Conditioner DRAWMA. Enjoy!! Follow the podcast on social media! Tw


 2020-07-27  n/a

All Stars 5 : Episode 7 “Comedy Smackdown”

We are down the nitty gritty as the top four queens tackle the All Star Stand-up Comedy Smackdown! Nick and Amanda discuss who had the best jokes, the “Shea Coulee winning” narrative, and how we are #teamJuju Enjoy! Follow the podcast on socia


 2020-07-20  n/a

All Stars 5 : Episode 6 “Backyard BBQ Ball”

Grab the potato salad and deviled eggs because Nick and Amanda are here to recap Rupaul’s Backyard BBQ Ball! Before they dive into the episode, the hosts gush over Hamilton, reminisce about the glory days of All Stars 2, and Nick reignites his love


 2020-07-13  n/a

All Stars 5 : Episode 5 “Snatch Game of Love”

This week, Nick and Amanda break down the best and the worst of The Snatch Game of Love. From the cringey ongoing bit between Ru and Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman to the impeccable timing and performances of Juju, Alexis, and Shea Coulee, this episode is not to


 2020-07-06  n/a

All Stars 5 : Episode 4 “SheMZ”

Nick and Amanda are back in RARE form for another action packed episode! Nick and Amanda take a slight detour to talk briefly about ‘The King of Staten Island,’ then it is off to the races as they talk about a not so great challenge with some


 2020-06-29  n/a

All Stars 5 : Episode 3 “Get a Room!”

Nick and Amanda are back for another episode of fun, frivolity, and arguing about carrots! Before they get into the newest episode of AS5, Nick and Amanda discuss The Big Sick and Dave Chapelle’s “Equanimity.” Enjoy! Follow the podcast o


 2020-06-22  n/a

All Stars 5 : Episode 2 “I’m in Love”

We’re in love and we don’t care who knows it! Nick and Amanda are back to break down the highs and lows of episode twoOoOooowah! Nick is determined to find out what happened to Ongina’s voice, Amanda reveals she wasn’t a fan of the


 2020-06-16  n/a

All Stars 5 : Episode 1 : “All Star Variety Extravaganza”

We’re baaaaaack! Join Nick and Amanda as they come out of hibernation to recap this EXTRA special season of All Stars! 🙂 Check out our SFCH Podcast Twitter and Instagram account for 115 ways to Donate in Support of Black Lives and Communities of Co


 2020-06-08  n/a

The Office vs. 30 Rock vs. Parks and Recreation

Get ready for a royal rumble, the ultimate showdown, the match of the century!! On this episode Nick and Amanda break down, compare, and contrast each of these three comedic sitcom juggernauts to crown a winner! We had some real Sophie’s choice mome


 2020-04-18  n/a

SFCH 2.0 – Coronavirus and what we’re binging!

We’re baaaaaaack! We couldn’t stay away for long, and given the state of the world, we felt that we needed to reach out to our fellow Squirrel Friends to check in! We of course discuss the state of the world with an in depth analysis of Corona


 2020-03-23  n/a