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A weekly show discussing Movies, Video games, and Tech. We also sometime interview independent artist in the same fields we listed. All music played is provided by the artist.



SSWL 304

We do it big this week in honor of our 8th Anniversary. We have a long ass show with some beer shenanigans….Oh, and we cover some movie news, trailers, and the most recent Nintendo Direct. If you want to consume this show in video form,



SSWL 303

This week, we get in to some movie news, trailers, and video games where Mike talks about what he’s played since our last show. So, buckle up, put this in your ear holes, and enjoy! Be sure to check out the YouTube page throughout the week to see the v...



SSWL 302

This week we are without Bryce who decided to celebrate Mike’s birthday by going on a trip. Rick and Mike celebrate by bringing you a fully packed two man show. We have entertainment news, movie trailers, two #MikeWasRight segments,



SSWL 301

Rick and Bryce are your hosts for episode 301 as Mike was unable to join us. This week, you’ll get to hear us bicker about Oscar nominations, a couple of reviews (IO & Vice), some video game stuff, and more.



SSWL 300

THIS….IS….SPARTA!!!!! Look, I know that’s an old ass joke, but can you come up with something better? I’ll wait. Anyway, here we are with episode 300 of SSWL, and man was this a fun one. We had beers, movie news, trailers, reviews,


 2019-01-22  2h5m

SSWL 299

We’re one episode away from 300, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here on episode 299 we covered a whole lot. There’s some movie news, trailer reactions, movie reviews, and video game discussion. Enjoy the show no matter how you consume it and be ...


 2019-01-15  1h47m

SSWL 298 – Our Top 5’s or Bryce Has An Aneurysm

Hey y’all! It’s that time of year again. Time for us to give you our top 5 Movies and Video Games for 2018. As you all know, Bryce hates making lists and Mike loves making him do it. Please enjoy our lists, banter, anger, and conversation.


 2019-01-08  2h29m

SSWL 297

We’re back….and better than ever! We have opinions and we for sure give them to you. This is episode 297 of SSWL. We hope you enjoy listening cause we enjoyed making it. We have trailers, movie reviews, and video games discussion. Please download,


 2019-01-01  1h55m

SSWL 296

Back after a week off, Rick and Bryce are here (Mike couldn’t make it) running down everything they planned to cover last week, including our thoughts on the Avengers: Endgame trailer. To find out what other shit we liked recently,


 2018-12-18  1h34m

SSWL 295

We are back at full strength this week. Join us as we cover some entertainment news, watch some movie trailers, and talk some video games. We do things a little out of order and go off on some rants, but hey that’s kinda how we roll. Enjoy the show!


 2018-12-04  1h36m