Still Got It

Remember those movies you loved as a kid/tween/teen? Us too! And now we watch them as the jaded adults we've become to see if they "still got it." Find Archived episodes at

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Episode 155: The Fast & the Furious

This franchise has surely become a beast, but do you even remember what the first one was like? Do ANY of us!? Writer Mark Kramer and multi-hyphenate friend-of-the-pod Kate Shine guest on this very revved up episode. Spoiler: We do a LOT of bits. Follow Mark Follow Kate


 2019-10-03  n/a

Episode 154: Saved!

Performer (drag goddess) Jay Malsky, and actual Disney Villain Taylor Ortega join the pod to discuss the ahead-of-its-time Saved! Bonus, Jay & Taylor are an actual Christian rock comedy duo AND they both dig deep into their own high school experiences. Follow Jay Follow Taylor


 2019-09-26  n/a

Episode 153: Amélie

A beautiful strange odd risky romantic movie out of time, in which every single member of the podcast episode refrains from using a French Accent. YOU’RE WELCOME. Podcast darlings, writer Kendra Augustin and actor/creator Desiree Abeyta join to talk about this nostalgic fave. Follow Kendra Follow Desiree  


 2019-09-19  n/a

Episode 152: Reality Bites

Despite having too many endings and Winona picking the wrong guy, Reality Bites has its moments, and those moments are Janeane Garofalo and Steve Zahn! Actress/writer/producers LaGina Hill and Frankie Johnson join the pod to get VERY '90s. Follow LaGina Follow Frankie


 2019-09-12  n/a

Episode 151: Batman & Robin

We're all sorry. Sorry we had to watch this. But no one is as sorry as Director Joel Schumacher and George Clooney! On the bright side, the boys from the very fun movie soundtrack podcast Track Listing (Chris Darden, Nick LaGrasta, & Caleb Brown) guest on this episode and it makes for a fun journey through a *bad* movie! Follow Track Listing


 2019-09-05  n/a

Episode 150: Mrs. Doubtfire

The 150th episode and what better way to ring it in than with this beloved tale of a father pretending to be a housekeeper in order to finally learn how to discipline his children?! Mrs. Doubtfire is (of course) problematic, but is also (of course) still pretty freakin' enjoyable. PR guru Nora Wolinsky & writer Alexa Kresojevich join for this milestone episode! Follow Alexa


 2019-08-29  n/a

Episode 149: Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella

There are so many Cinderella's. SO MANY. And the last 20 minute of every one is boring. But look, the first 60 min of this film are so fun! Or as guests Kathleen O'Mara & Alex Rose both say "I will not hear a bad word about this film." It's the Brandy Cinderella! Follow Alex Follow Kathleen


 2019-08-22  n/a

Episode 148: FernGully

The last rainforest! But the first (only?) in our hearts. This movie isn’t as badass as we remembered as kids, but it did make us *furious* to watch and realize the entire world has just been WASTING TIME. So get your tree seeds and buckle up! Follow Joyah Follow Melina  


 2019-08-15  n/a

Episode 147: The Perfect Storm

A little slow, a little schmaltzy, but ultimately? Pretty dang exciting and fun and tragic and damn we're not paying enough for swordfish.


 2019-08-08  n/a

Episode 146: George of the Jungle

Truly shocking how charming this movie is. Of course, it's also occasionally very stupid. But we genuinely laughed multiple times. And y'know what, we're ALL here for Brendan Fraser and his vine-swinging physique.


 2019-08-01  n/a