Still Got It

Remember those movies you loved as a kid/tween/teen? Us too! And now we watch them as the jaded adults we've become to see if they "still got it." Find Archived episodes at

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Episode 183: Motocrossed

Watching a DCOM always brings us back to our roots...even if our roots technically know nothing about the sport of Motocross! Maybe it's not the iconic ahead-of-its-time sneakily LGBTQ movie we remembered...but it's a pretty silly ride. Special guests Joyah Love Spangler and Amy Werblin join the pod and rev their engines! Follow Joyah


 2020-04-23  n/a

Episode 182: A River Runs Through It

In an homage to old times, Celey stays mad for a FULL thirty minutes of this episode. And Nora is pleased as punch. Featuring special Guest "San Francisco's Resident Horror Expert" Harry Nordlinger! Follow Harry


 2020-04-16  n/a

Episode 181: Cabaret

We’re going way back in time because MY MOM IS THIS EPISODE’S SPECIAL GUEST. And Cabaret was one of her absolute faves in her youth. So pull up your garters Mein Herr’s, life is a Cabaret and we’re into it. Follow the Welden Theatre  


 2020-04-09  n/a

Episode 180: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Ok maybe it's not a perfect movie but it is a perfect balm to these trying times! Celey, Nora, and special guest Amy Werblin podcast from their separate quarantines to revisit a most quotable family classic. Do yourself a favor!


 2020-04-02  n/a

Episode 179: American Beauty

A weirdly poignant and yet really escapist for us in these very strange times. The last episode of the podcast recorded before The Quarantine. Listen to Celey, Nora, and special guest Actress/Director/Writer Georgia Warner break down and break through American Beauty. A film’s film! Follow Georgia


 2020-03-26  n/a

Episode 178: Miracle

It's the 40th anniversary of the actual Miracle on Ice. One of the absolute best sports movies and the OG podcasters reunite to bring you the content you need in these trying times. Distract yourself! Remember something fondly! We love you, stay safe out there. Follow Chrissy 30 for 30, the soviet side


 2020-03-19  n/a

Episode 177: Saving Silverman

Sometimes you watch something and you're just like "who was I that I loved this?" Yet I stand by my love for Jack Black to infinity. Writer/performer couple duo Kate Shine & Zak Kamin special guest for this movie that was WAY more fun to talk about than it was to watch. Follow Zak Follow Kat


 2020-03-12  n/a

Episode 176: André

The conversation in this episode is so silly and rambling and fun and thank GOD because the actual movie Andre…turns out? So freaking BORING. We get it! You’re a seal! Follow Natalia: Follow Alex:


 2020-03-05  n/a

Episode 175: Mystery Men

Ok so the thing is this wasn't exactly a "critically acclaimed movie" in its heyday. But dammit if there's not some solid jokes from a truly OUTSTANDING cast throughout the whole messy 'plot.' OG Nora Wolinsky joins special guest Marisa Brau-Reyes (who watched this movie in her family's VERY COOL van) to dish on the superhero version of Austin Powers. Follow Marisa


 2020-02-27  n/a

Episode 174: Misery

What a delightful Misery indeed! Unlike most of our tough watches...this one is tough because it's good. Featuring comedian Ronny Pascale, who watched this movie WAY too young, and producer Alex Elise Rose, who loves Kathy Bates and Stephen King deeply and differently.  Follow Ronny Follow Alex


 2020-02-20  n/a