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Remember those movies you loved as a kid/tween/teen? Us too! And now we watch them as the jaded adults we've become to see if they "still got it." Find Archived episodes at

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Episode 173: My Best Friend’s Wedding

Icons everywhere! As special guest Lana Schwartz says "It's like the Citizen Kane of romcoms." Does it totally hold up? Well, Cameron Diaz is supposed to be TWENTY. So there's some sticky moments. But dammit if we don't all love Julia Roberts and a restaurant sing along.  Follow Lana and Pre-Order her book!


 2020-02-13  n/a

Episode 172: The Color of Friendship

This movie is for white 8-year-olds. And really no one else should bother with it. That said, we all bothered with it, because what better way to kick off Black History Month than with Disney solving racism?! Featuring frequent guest Chanel Carroll and returning from Moulin Rouge fame, Lizzie Logan! Follow Chanel Follow Lizzie


 2020-02-06  n/a

Episode 171: As Good As It Gets

It's almost February, and we find ourselves at the intersection of Oscars and Romcoms. What better to revisit than Oscar-winning classic As Good As It Gets?! And you know what, IT GETS BETTER. This movie is a 90's shock to the system. Buckle up, because Jack Nicholson is HARD to root for! Follow LaGina Follow Jessica Rotondi


 2020-01-30  n/a

Episode 170: Cutthroat Island

Still got it? IT NEVER HAD IT. But for one young boy, who grew up literally in Excalibur in Vegas, it had...everything. The best part of this movie is the stunts and sword fights. The worst part is everything else. Set sail with Joyah Love Spangler, Max Baker, and one of the biggest flops in cinema history! Even hot pirate Geena Davis couldn't save this 'film.' Follow Joyah Follow Max


 2020-01-23  n/a

Episode 169: The Day After Tomorrow

Rarely do we watch a movie (especially one with lots of CGI from 2004) that somehow is even MORE EFFECTIVE now than it was when released. But TDAT delivers on all fronts, not to mention a smorgasbord of disasters! We talk about looting, making out at the end of the world, and when it's ok to burn books!


 2020-01-16  n/a

168: Escape to Witch Mountain

In a slight departure from tradition, we're going WAY FAR BACK. Somehow, this weird AF movie from the '70s captured so many of us it just made sense to give it an episode. Does it hold up to modern movie-making standards? Not a BIT. Is it WILD to revisit and see what you latched on to? ABSOLUTELY. Performer Claire Burns and Art Coordinator TV Alexander get their minds blown and offer moral support in equal measure. Follow Claire https://www...


 2020-01-09  n/a

Episode 167: Tommy Boy

This movie is super '90s and super Farley. And at the end of the day, aren't we all just fat guys in little coats? Sort of! Did we expect this episode to get as sincere and modern-day relevant as it did? Not really! You're in good hands with special guests: podcast veteran Erika Santosuosso and comedian Jon Bander! Follow Bander Follow Erika


 2020-01-02  n/a

Episode 166: Die Hard

We did it. Our gift to you, dear listener, is a fresh spin on the age-old debate of 'is Die Hard a Christmas movie?' The answer is: who cares! It is insane and fun and the last 20 minutes of this episode give way to a shockingly earnest discussion about the nature of art as a job. Roommates & podcast veterans Kami Dimitrova & Dustin Molina join for a festive family affair! Follow Kami https://www.instagram...


 2019-12-19  n/a

Episode 165: Muppet Treasure Island

It doesn’t matter the movie, Muppets always put us in the holiday spirit! An absurd musical that is still undeniably charming. Actors and comedians Dan Hubbard and Alexandria Iona join this week’s episode and YES we all do kermit impressions. Follow Dan Follow Alex BoogieManja


 2019-12-12  n/a

Episode 164: Flubber

If you were a child in the 90s, you saw many a Robin Williams movie. And it's likely one of those movies was Flubber. It's also ASSURED that you do NOT remember the full on batshit insanity that was this film! DP Oren Soffer and Writer Becca Roth lend their voices, childhoods, and absolute shock to this episode. Beware: there's a lot of yelling. Follow Oren Follow Becca


 2019-12-05  n/a