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Remember those movies you loved as a kid/tween/teen? Us too! And now we watch them as the jaded adults we've become to see if they "still got it." Find Archived episodes at

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Episode 129:Dance With Me

A STAR STUDDED cast in a film somehow lost to time. And here at Still Got It podcast, we love a dance movie. Nora Wolinsky & real life dancing phenom (and comic) KK Apples sit down to talk about this sexy latin dance romp...that is kind of a mess, but very indulgent. Also cannot stress enough: JLo is not in this movie. Follow KK


 2019-03-28  n/a

Episode 128: What Lies Beneath

So much water-based peril! Chanel Carroll and haunted movie enthusiast Ivey Ray break down What Lies Beneath. Celey is convinced it is Bad with a capital B, but they have such love for it...and for Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer. Follow Chanel Follow Ivey


 2019-03-21  n/a

Episode 127: She’s All That

At the intersection of Truly Iconic and Truly Ridiculous sits this seminal high school film. Writer/Director Becca Roth and Actress/Author Laura Hankin join the pod to dig INTO what makes this movie work and how it totally doesn't STILL work. Follow Becca Follow Laura


 2019-03-14  n/a

Episode 126: Spider-Man

If you think we don't go off on a huge bit about the 1 man in Queens who knows the secret identity of Spider-Man because he sold Peter Parker some specific fabric, you don't know this podcast at all. Actress & Writer Kate Shine cohosts & Writer Nathan Bennett special guests! The takes are almost as hot as that upside-down-kiss! Follow Kate Follow Nate


 2019-03-07  n/a

Episode 125: Empire Records

Does this film make sense? Almost! Does it still got it? Kinda! Chrissy Shackelford joins the pod (and brings her critical eye!) to dissect this mid-90's teen musicfest. RIP CD stores. RIP. Follow Chrissy


 2019-02-28  n/a

Bonus Episode: 2019 Oscars

We talk shit about old movies all the time. It's time to dissect some NEW movies! Please enjoy this special bonus episode in which Celey & Nora break down some of the big Oscar categories, talk modern-day moviegoing, and of course: Snubs! As always, tweet or insta message us and tell us if we got it right or wrong. Thanks for being a fan!


 2019-02-23  n/a

Episode 124: Good Will Hunting

In honor of Oscar season (finally being almost over) we revisit Academy Darling and original Boston Accent The Movie: Good Will Hunting. Dani Faith Leonard & Nora Wolinsky join Celey in the pleasant surprise that "huh, this movie aged pretty ok!" Follow Dani


 2019-02-21  n/a

Episode 123: You’ve Got Mail

It's Valentine's Day. What could we DO except to RE-LIVE this most iconic of romcoms?! Literal Romcom & YGM experts Kate Lindsay and Jehan Madhani join the pod and we get into the surprisingly conflicting but also beautiful world of Meg, Tom, email, and 90s NYC. Follow Kate Follow Jehan


 2019-02-14  n/a

Episode 122: The Wedding Date

It's February, and we're "celebrating" V-day with romcoms! The first: The Wedding Date. Special guest, writer LaGina Hill joins to discuss one of her favorites. And the big question: Did they have sex on the boat?! Someone call Dermot! Follow LaGina


 2019-02-07  n/a

Episode 121: Billy Madison

We wrestle with this one. We really do. All of us loved it as children and we...just...can' the words of guest co-host Bob Nasr: "We're gonna get a lotta hate." BUT there ARE moments of light and laughter. And then there are the moments that make us cringe deeply. Actor/creator Mehdi Barakchian joins us to unpack this 90s institution.  Follow Bob Follow Mehdi


 2019-01-31  n/a