Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project

Posted on Tuesdays, Norm and Will discuss topics of interest with Adam--nothing is off-limits! Still Untitled covers everything from hot-button issues within the maker community to experiences from Adam's life to questions from the audience. Enjoy!

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Best Vacation Ever! - 4/2/2013

Curious about Adam, Will, and Norm's favorite vacations as kids and/or adults? What about the minutiae of garbage cans? We cover all that, and a whole lot more as the gang discusses their favorite vacations.


 2013-04-02  21m

Building an Inexpensive Toolkit for Beginners

This week, Adam, Will, and Norm discuss the tools they'd put in a toolkit for beginning makers, if they were on a budget. Also, spacesuits. If you want to see the complete list of tools, it's at:


 2013-03-26  41m

Scrounging, Buying, Finding Materials - 3/19/2013

On this week's show, Adam discusses where to find materials. How to find the best places to buy stuff, but also good sources for freebies, when you're getting started making new things. The gang also discusses makerspaces, how to learn new skills, and a whole lot more.


 2013-03-19  26m

Your Questions Answered - 3/12/2013

Adam, Norm, and Will answer reader questions about a variety of topics, including how to get started making, working smart instead of hard, and how to get started in the special effects business.


 2013-03-12  27m

Influential Movies - 3/5/2013

This week, Adam, Norm, and Will discuss the films that changed the way they look at the world--from Pulp Fiction to Hellboy to Kill Bill to Raiders of the Lost Ark.


 2013-03-05  24m

Shop Safety - 2/26/2013

This week, Adam, Norm, and Will tackle the controversial topic of shop safety. After online comments about Adam's box-building video and shop safety, we jump right into Adam's rules for shop safety. Well, after an extended discussion about proper cold-weather footwear.


 2013-02-26  30m

Episode VII - 2/19/2013

The announcement that JJ Abrams would direct the next Star Wars movie launched a thousand threads of speculation on the internet. The gang decides to join in on the fun and discuss what Abrams may bring to the beloved franchise.


 2013-02-19  20m

On Design Influences - 2/12/2013

Recording from Adam's home office, the gang chats about the designers and artists who have influenced Adam's work and art tastes, and how Adam learned to appreciate those aesthetics in one of his very first jobs. Of course, this is after diving into a lengthy tangent about, of all things, breakfast.


 2013-02-12  27m

Work Ethic - 2/5/2013

On this week's episode, the gang discusses the importance of work ethic and why the drudgery of hard work means so much when you're starting off in a new job or career. This even applies to kids and chores!


 2013-02-05  19m

Consumer Electronics Show - 1/29/2013

Will and Adam welcome Norm back from the Consumer Electronics Show, and discuss some of the trends from this year's event. Adam has never been to CES before, so we do our best conveying what it's like to be in a massive convention hall filled with nothing but flat screen TVs.


 2013-01-29  30m