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Storynory brings you audio stories for the family, beautifully read, and with a touch of sophistication. We find traditional stories from all over the world and create our own characters including Katie the Witch, and Astropup the space travelling hound. We also give you songs, educational interviews, and a sprinkling of ancient history.

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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Open Sesame! The famous story from Persia of how Ali Baba outwitted a band of robbers with a little help from the clever slave-girl, Morgiana.


 2006-03-27  28m

The Flying Trunk

This wonderful fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen has an oriental setting and overtones of the Arabian Nights. A Free Audio Story from Storynory


 2006-03-17  13m

Tim learns where Easter Eggs come from

Tim the Tadpole learns the history of Easter Eggs. Educational audio for children - free from Storynory.


 2006-03-12  6m

The Princess and the Pea

This little gem of a story by Hans Christian Andersen reveals the ultimate test to find out whether or not a girl is a true princess. Free audio.


 2006-03-04  3m

Kissa the Cat

This charming story about a princess who is rescued by a magical cat comes from Denmark. A free audio download for children.


 2006-02-27  n/a

The Owl and the Pussycat

This romantic nonsense by Edward Lear is a classic of children's literature. Its lilting rhythm has a wonderfully calming effect on the senses.


 2006-02-20  1m

How Prince Bertie became Bertie the Frog

The story that sets up the Bertie series. How and why Prince Bertie was turned into a frog by the wicked step-mother of Princess Beatrice.


 2006-02-13  15m

The Elephant’s Child

The Elephant's Child from the Just So Stories of Rudyard Kipling tells the story of how the elephant got its trunk. Set on he banks of the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River in Africa.


 2006-01-24  20m

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

A certain winner for children - how Goldilocks ate the Three Bears' porridge.


 2006-01-16  n/a

Hansel and Gretel

A scary story that plays on a child's fear of being abandoned by parents, and getting lost in the woods. But children love the way that the young heroes outwit the wicked witch and triumph over evil.


 2006-01-12  21m