Every few weeks Mel Herbert, Tom Wolfson, Joel Sapp and Robert Rosenbloom get together to talk about the cars, the batteries, the superchargers, the rumours, the stock price, anything and everything Tesla and Elon and SpaceX and Boring Company and Hyperloop and more.

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November 1st 2019

ICE cars are as clean as EV's...really!


 2019-11-01  9m

November 4th 2019

Gig 3 starting at 3000 a week! One pedal driving. Demand is NOT a problem in US and Elon is pretty liquid!


 2019-11-04  8m

November 5th . 2019

Taycan V S again, Model Y every where, TURBO wheels, Cones I see Cones! Use code Laini9300 it you get a Tesla this month.


 2019-11-05  7m

November 6th 2019

People LOVE model 3, Space X launch Nov 11th, Use code Laini9300 this month.


 2019-11-06  6m

November 7th 2019

Y sighing? Truck reveal! Bigger batteries for S and X. Use code Laini9300 this month


 2019-11-07  8m

November 8th 2019

Model 3 and Y in China, S 450 miles vs 3 with 322, Truck, and Apple and being green Use Code Laini9300


 2019-11-08  7m

November 13th 2019

Starlink is FAST, Model Y HUGE order, Gig 4! Use code Laini9300 this month for TOM


 2019-11-12  6m

November 12th 2019

FSD branch, 310 again?, S 450 miles vs 3 again!, one pedal driving is cool!


 2019-11-12  9m

November 14th 2019

Giga 4, V3 Superchargers are finally coming! Private Supercharging? use code Laini9300 this month if you get a Tesla.


 2019-11-14  8m

November 15th 2019

SUV's killing the world, Model 3 wins more awards, Gig 4 love, Gig 3 17,000 M3 by year end! Fool me twice :( use Code Laini9300 this for Tom!


 2019-11-15  8m