Tango Angeles

Tango Angeles is born out of Ronaldos experience in learning about the dance and music of tango. Evocative music, captivating stories and thought-provoking interviews with contemporary tango luminaries as well as social tango dancers from around the world will take you to a place of dreams and nostalgia. Tango Angeles delves deeply into the enchanting world of tango and brings its treasures to the English-speaking world. Ronaldos passion for the subject, velvety voice and irresistible Buenos Aires accent is a unique combination that will delight your ears and warm your heart!


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Eduardo Arolas I October 3, 2019

Eduardo Arolas, known as El Tigre del Bandoneón, gave tango its depth and subtleties despite his brief and mysterious life.



 2019-08-08  1h10m

A Night of Tango 1944

Ronaldo time travels back to 1944 and finds himself torn among so many live orchestras to choose from—an embarrassment of the riches!


 2019-07-26  1h26m

Cabarets of Buenos Aires I

Buenos Aires is still haunted by the memories of magnificent cabarets that graced Calle Corrientes, the street that never sleeps.


 2019-07-04  1h6m

Edmundo Rivero

Edmundo Rivero made his mark as one of the greatest tango singers despite his unconventional bass voice, successfully combining his early influences of country and classical music with tango.


 2019-06-20  1h9m

La Chacarita

La Chacarita, built in the wake of the 1871 yellow fever epidemic on 230 acres, is a resting place for countless tango luminaries.


 2019-06-13  54m

Edouard Pecourt Episode 3

Edouard Pecourt’s extensive tango collection housed at the University of California Santa Barbara guarantees the investigation and preservation of tango for future generations.


 2019-05-15  1h5m

Edouard Pecourt Episode 2

Edouard Pecourt’s vast tango collection finds a home at the University of California Santa Barbara.


 2019-05-01  57m

Edouard Pecourt Episode 1

Edouard Pecourt, proprietor of La Boîte à Disques  in Paris, left behind him one of the most pre-eminent tango music collections in the world


 2019-04-17  1h4m

Astor Piazzolla Episode 3

Astor Piazzolla's early childhood in the mean streets of NY taught him to defend his musical vision fiercely against all odds and criticism.


 2019-04-09  1h6m