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Team Human is a weekly podcast and set of resources enabling human intervention in the economic, technological, and social programs that determine how we live, work, and interact. This is media as cultural resistance and a path to social change. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay “Toward Justice for All”

Playing for Team Human today, authors of Cynical Theories, Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay.

Pluckrose, Lindsay, and Rushkoff discuss the origins of French postmodernism and how it trickled into academic research and scholarship. Together, they explore our contemporary war of competing narratives and how a fascistic political environment influences not just the politics of a particular moment, but people's attitudes toward one another...



Douglas Rushkoff "Find the Others" at Disinfo.Con 1999 - Patreon Special

Douglas Rushkoff delivers the opening talk at Disinfo.Con 1999 - the first and only convention of its kind. Here's a sneak preview of Rushkoff's talk. The full-length audio is available to Team Human's Patreon supporters. Subscribe now to gain full access at

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episode 164: Dríade Aguiar "Culture Makes History"

Playing for Team Human today, co-founder and co-editor of Mídia NINJA, Dríade Aguiar.

Aguiar explains how and why to center the voices of those are are experiencing reality on the ground. She looks at those who make the future and explains how it's accomplished, how we can stop injustices that are happening to real people in real places, and looks at how activist and media efforts can help to address the destruction of the Amazon in an effective way...



Timothy Leary: Bonus 1993 Interview - Patreon Special

Here's a sneak peak of Timothy Leary and Douglas Rushkoff's archived conversation from 1993, available in-full exclusively to Patreon supporters. Support at for access to the full interview and all of our bonus content.

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 2020-08-26  6m

episode 163: Jim Rutt "An Invitation to Game B"

Playing for Team Human, complexity theorist, host of the Jim Rutt Podcast series, and founder of the Santa Fe Institute, Jim Rutt.

Rutt shares his idea for a new civilization-era operating system. Why does the the United States' outdated operating system call for a radical change to a more equitable and humane landscape? "If the glue that holds Game A together is competition for status through material possessions and positional goods. The status around GameB will be conviviality...


 2020-08-19  1h13m

episode 162: Nora Bateson "The Changemaker's Trap"

Playing for Team Human today, filmmaker, writer, educator, and systems thinker, Nora Bateson.

Bateson and Rushkoff interrogate our moment of global crisis to challenge the very systems that drive human behavior and thought. Further, they explore why quantifying humans as part of a system reduces people to abstract figures rather than the complex beings they truly are...


 2020-08-05  52m

episode 161: Michael Nesmith "Life After Television"

Playing for Team Human today, musician, producer, and inventor of the music video, Michael Nesmith.

Nesmith will be sharing his insights about what it was like to live inside the reality television show that we’re all living in today. Nesmith discusses his self-awareness of existing in a television environment, the influence the Monkees' music had on the Beatles, and the psychic effects the show had on a generation of technology and psychedelic icons...


 2020-07-22  53m

episode 160: Matt Stoller "Make America Ours Again"

Playing for Team Human today, author of “Goliath: The Hundred Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy,” and Director of Research at the American Economic Liberties Project, Matt Stoller.

Stoller disinters the ground of neoliberalism and looks at how we can reclaim democracy from the market...


 2020-07-08  51m

episode 159: Julie Holland, M.D. "Good Chemistry"

Playing for Team Human today, psychiatrist and author of "Good Chemistry: The Science of Connection, from Soul to Psychedelics," Julie Holland, M.D.

Holland explores how people can bring elements of their psychedelic experiences into their everyday lives. She looks at the role compassion plays in the psychedelic experience and how developmental disorders can be aided by these experiences...


 2020-06-24  1h6m

episode 158: Richard Metzger "Do They Owe Us A Living?"

Playing for Team Human today, counterculture icon and Editor of Dangerous Minds, Richard Metzger. Metzger envisions what life might look like on the dole and what that means for the future of the counterculture...


 2020-06-10  55m