Thank God I'm Atheist

Frank and Dan's off-the-cuff conversations focus on current events cast through the lens of their shared atheism. Episodes include a rundown of six news stories from the prior week, and the show occasionally features interviews with writers, thinkers, and leaders in the atheist community. As former Mormons, the hosts provide insight into the often misunderstood religious minority.

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episode 503: Funny Undies

A new holiday hits Utah, abortion rights activists fight new Texas law, a top US official in the Catholic Church outed for Grindr use, women sue Liberty University, Alaska assistant attorney general outed as a Deseret nationalist (a far right, Mormon...



episode 502: Evangelical Bible Tinkering

Woman lets god drive and he wrecks her car, it turns out the Southern Baptist Convention isn't liberal after all, an alternative to traditional burial draws Catholic opposition, highest EU court rules that employers can restrict religious apparel, new...



episode 501: Gaslighting Writ Large

A fatwa group declares fatwa about video games, a Florida couple sues school, the Catholic Church plays poor to avoid paying residential school survivors, a Canadian archbishop cries persecution, India jails activists for speaking undeniable truth...



episode 500: Cute Little Cults

Nigerian state bans mannequins, a Canadian priest is in hot water over defense of residential schools, Missouri offers itself up as a delta variant test case, Pat Robertson misunderstands what critical race theory is, an Air Force fighter pilot is...



episode 499: Mormon Customers

Exorcism at the Home Depot, Mississippi license plates, Italian prime minister stands up to Catholic Church, anglicans subject school children to a lesson in misogyny, a nun gets ejected from convent, Jim Bakker in hot water (again), and the Mormon...


 2021-06-26  1h20m

Ideas About God

Mormon 'American Idol' star comes out as LGBTQIA+, news from the Southern Baptist Convention, Michigan governor ends government funding of 'conversion therapy,' a new rug for the forgetful Muslim, Florida now requires daily moment of silence in...


 2021-06-19  1h10m

episode 497: Lots of Water

Drought-burdened Utah gets a little rain during weekend of prayer, two new christian apps, Uyghurs deported from Muslim countries, a hateful Nigerian pastor goes away, Burger King taunts Chick-Fil-A with support of LGBTQ organization, hats off to...


 2021-06-12  1h2m

episode 496: Make It Rain

High school coaches force Jewish student to eat pork, indigenous schools in Canada, Louisiana votes to honor aborted fetuses, Catholics release new rule priests, Texas enacts law to target anyone aiding in abortions, high-profile anti-vaxxer goes to...


 2021-06-05  1h7m

episode 495: Entitled

Wheaton College disposes of offensive plaque, Southern Baptist numbers decline significantly, fetuses flee to Ohio town for safety, street artist takes on Vatican, Legos celebrates diversity, the shocking case of Saudi Arabia continues, and a...


 2021-05-29  1h13m

episode 494: Christian Tyranny

Saudi Arabia opens up a little to non-Muslims, why college turns people secular, 'religious knives' in Australia, abusive summer camp for future ministers, Muslims boycott White House celebration, anti-vaccine conspiracies come from the same twelve...


 2021-05-22  1h17m