“That’s Myrony” (My + Irony)

Can you recall having an event in your life that was so absolutely mind-blowing it made you realize Had you not taken THAT drive at THAT exact time or gone to THAT restaurant at THAT exact moment, the conversation you had, or the person you bumped into, or the situation that just happened, would have never taken place? “That’s Myrony”! (My + Irony); another word for signs & synchronicities that Alysha has created & hopes to have people one day share their Myronies in addition to their selfies on social media!! So if you like this concept then please join the movement by sharing your crazy synchronicities & add #thatsmyrony ! Alysha has discovered how Myronies are the pieces to the giant “puzzle” we call life and says, “The key is to pay attention to “what, how, and why,” they show up in our lives”! After becoming aware of these “Spiritual Breadcrumbs”, or the dots which connect our lives, Alysha created this podcast to teach others how to become aware of their own personal Myronies and put them to use in an effort to change the direction of their lives...


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episode 75: Happy 8th Myronic Anniversary!!

Alysha shares how this episode is being released as a time stamp for another myronic anniversary and also why she had to take a break from podcasting since last summer. In this episode, she shares what has happened in the past 9 months since she last recorded and how it led her to now work as an Ambassador for her friends’ incredible nonprofit SHARING (which stands for Sending Hope And Rebuilding Into National Goals)...


 2023-04-22  38m

episode 74: Overcoming the Mindset of 'Just Surviving' with Tammy Ward

My guest this week, Tammy Ward shares her myronies about how she went from being a ballet dancer/teacher to then become a police officer only because she was told she would never pass the test. Tammy did not like being told she couldn’t do something so she simply proved she could and eventually ended up as Sergeant in her 25-year career...


 2022-07-09  51m

episode 73: Awaken your Soul Through Human Design with Andrea Stephenson Cover

Thanks to divine design connecting me to Andrea Stephenson after she heard my episode on my friend, Shanna Vavra who is the co-host of “Sense of Soul” Podcast (Ep. 63) is the reason I got to learn about the fascinating modality known as Human Design...


 2022-07-02  58m

episode 72: Following Myronies to Lead You to A Fulfilled Life with Corey Poirier

When I meet someone who really and I mean REALLY gets myrony, I am a like a kid in a candy shop and let me tell you, this week’s AMAZING guest, Corey Poirier absolutely does because he recognizes the biggest piece that moves it from a synchronicity to MYRONY is the action that needs to be taken!! Only because Corey was constantly in motion with what he was putting out there to manifest and make happen is how he has connected with some of the biggest thought leaders in the world like Jack...


 2022-06-25  1h18m

episode 71: Meeting Before They Met: A Myronic Chance Encounter with Michelle Bateman and Travis Belanger

Thanks to the magic of divine design at it yet again, Michelle Bateman and I met apparently at the time we were meant to thanks to our mutual friend, DeeAnne Riendeau (Ep. 64) speaking at a virtual networking event based in Canada...


 2022-06-18  1h7m

episode 70: Creating Success with the Superpower of Connecting with Robert Butwin

Thanks to divine myrony striking not once but twice in the past 2 years is how I reconnected with the AMAZING marketing networker, Robert Butwin just a couple of weeks ago to now have as a guest which I am so grateful to have Robert share his myronic stories that mostly transpired because he was always in action by paying attention to both synchronicities and new opportunities which includes how he met his beautiful wife!! Robert is not only a wizard at network marketing but a true mentor as a...


 2022-06-11  59m

episode 69: You DESERVE Freedom: Refuse to be Silent about Domestic Violence with Darleen Wong

Darleen Wong is truly an inspiration by taking a stand as the feminist messenger for women in Quebec because did you know there is no protection for women of abuse? Did you know that if the abuser was arrested that arrest is not included in the family court system, so these children are still in their abusive care? Did you know Quebec says there is no systemic violence? If you said no to any or I am going to guess ALL of these questions, then you NEED to hear this UNBELIEVABLE story of how...


 2022-06-04  1h6m

episode 68: Take Yourself from Mundane to Magical with Maria Davis

Thanks to Alysha’s guest from last week’s episode, Kimberley Day, Book Coach/Mentor trusting her intuition to connect Medical Intuitive/Spiritual Mentor, Maria Davis to Alysha just a few days before is how this episode was created and Maria shares her myronic story of how she discovered her spiritual gifts first as a medical intuitive which is definitely a very unique gift!! This is actually one of the greatest powers of myrony…both Maria and Alysha recognized an incredible alignment in the...


 2022-05-28  49m

episode 67: How Cancer Became the Myronic Catalyst for Transformation with Kimberley Day

Kimberley Day shares how a Cancer diagnosis became her greatest myronic spark to completely shift careers...


 2022-05-21  58m

episode 66: “Myrony Musings with Musicians” with Corey Glover of Living Colour!!

In Ep. 64, Alysha interviewed her longtime friend, Alan Jax Bowers where he tells his extremely myronic story of how he now currently plays with the lead singer of one of his favorite rock bands when he was in high school, Corey Glover of Living Colour. Alysha asked during Alan’s interview if he would like to be her Guest Co-Host where once a month, Alan would join her for what is now being called “Myrony Musings with Musicians”...


 2022-05-14  48m