“That’s Myrony” (My + Irony)

Can you recall having an event in your life that was so absolutely mind-blowing it made you realize Had you not taken THAT drive at THAT exact time or gone to THAT restaurant at THAT exact moment, the conversation you had, or the person you bumped into, or the situation that just happened, would have never taken place? “That’s Myrony”! (My + Irony); another word for signs & synchronicities that Alysha has created & hopes to have people one day share their Myronies in addition to their selfies on social media!! So if you like this concept then please join the movement by sharing your crazy synchronicities & add #thatsmyrony ! Alysha has discovered how Myronies are the pieces to the giant “puzzle” we call life and says, “The key is to pay attention to “what, how, and why,” they show up in our lives”! After becoming aware of these “Spiritual Breadcrumbs”, or the dots which connect our lives, Alysha created this podcast to teach others how to become aware of their own personal Myronies and put them to use in an effort to change the direction of their lives...


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episode 62: “That’s Myrony” Podcast is Taking a Little Hiatus and Here is Why…

In this episode I add more to what Nicole Crowley and I shared together in her interview last week which also ties together My Myronic Spiritual Story from Ep. 57-59. Even though all of this helps create the full story, I assure you there are many more facets that I will share in the future. However, for now this will be my last episode until after the New Year...



episode 61: Nicole Crowley Shares about Healing, Manifesting and SPARKLE!!

In this episode, Nicole Crowley shares her healing journey along with spiritual awakening after being in a horrible car accident 17 years ago that caused her chronic nerve pain. After Nicole was divinely guided to learn about the Healy which is a healing frequency device during the start of the pandemic, more and more doors opened up and is now studying to combine the two modalities of emotional resonance clearing and wealth alchemy...



episode 60: Michele Zirkle author of “Rain No Evil” Shares the Paranormal Myronies that Inspired Her Book and Started Her Spiritual Journey

In this week’s episode, Michele Zirkle, author of the book “Rain No Evil” shares how her spiritual gifts opened up after she and her family had an unexplainable paranormal experience that eventually required a priest to do an exorcism on her house...


 2021-09-18  1h21m

episode 59: My Myronic Spiritual Story Part 3

Welcome back to Part 3 of My Myronic Spiritual Story and I hope the last 2 episodes have you interested in hearing the conclusion…If you haven’t had the chance to listen to part 1 and 2, I highly recommend going back and listening to those first and for those that have I am excited to share some more pieces that I have put together over the years that connect to my crazy puzzle of myronies!! This 3-part series only brings me up to 2017 so I hope you have enjoyed what you have heard so far and...


 2021-09-11  23m

episode 58: My Myronic Spiritual Story Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of My Myronic Spiritual Story where I am diving even deeper into my story this week…I hope the last episode had you curious to hear more but if by chance didn’t hear part 1, I highly recommend going back and listening to that first and for those that have we are going to jump back in from where I left off!! I thought I would be able to tell my full story but I realize I need a Part 3 so next episode I will share the conclusion to my crazy myronic spiritual journey and...


 2021-09-04  24m

episode 57: My Myronic Spiritual Story Part 1

For the next two episodes, I have decided to dive deeper into my story that I first shared in episode 1 but now include my greater spiritual connection which ended up being the catalyst to changing my view on life forever and also discovering myrony! I originally wanted to dedicate this to my dad since this episode comes out on August 28th 2021 and will be the day before his passing 17 years earlier on August 29th but I also now want to dedicate this to my friend Tanya who on 8/21 at the age of...


 2021-08-28  24m

episode 56: Michelle Marie Shares How Myronies Also Show Up in Astrology and Tarot!!

I am so excited to have Michelle Marie of Astrological Tarot be my guest for “That’s Myrony” Podcast’s 1-Year Anniversary Show!! I specifically asked her to be my guest for this episode because as Michelle shares with us today, the power of dates and the energy connected to them is undeniable!! In addition to hearing the myronies of how Michelle got into Astrology and also how she met her now husband (going to give a teaser her story is definitely unbelievable!!), Michelle Marie also dives...


 2021-08-21  1h14m

episode 55: Trip Down Memory or More Like Myrony Lane!!

“That’s Myrony” Podcast so I thought it would be fun to take a quick trip down memory or more like myrony lane of what this year has brought and also share 3 episodes


 2021-08-14  13m

episode 54: Carol Gino Follows the Divine Guidance to Become a Nurse Which Is How She Ended of Being with Mario Puzo, Author of The Godfather!

Carol Gino, bestselling author, tells her amazing story of how she saw a vision when she was younger, which she then knew almost immediately she needed to become a nurse. Because of that one gut decision later led her to her great love, Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather...


 2021-08-07  1h15m

episode 53: Heidi Rome Shares About Ethan, Her Non-Verbal Autistic Son, And the Message He Gave Her About Love

In last week’s episode, I shared briefly the beautiful message from Autism Mom Mentor and Author, Heidi Rome’s non-verbal son gave her when he was just 11 years old so it is such an honor to have Heidi share her full story with me this week!! This simple but profound message that Heidi’s son, Ethan shares about love and how part of that is also connected to choice is so incredible that I hope it touches your heart and soul in the most amazing way like it did mine!! Heidi has made it her...


 2021-07-31  1h13m