“That’s Myrony” (My + Irony)

Can you recall having an event in your life that was so absolutely mind-blowing it made you realize Had you not taken THAT drive at THAT exact time or gone to THAT restaurant at THAT exact moment, the conversation you had, or the person you bumped into, or the situation that just happened, would have never taken place? “That’s Myrony”! (My + Irony); another word for signs & synchronicities that Alysha has created & hopes to have people one day share their Myronies in addition to their selfies on social media!! So if you like this concept then please join the movement by sharing your crazy synchronicities & add #thatsmyrony ! Alysha has discovered how Myronies are the pieces to the giant “puzzle” we call life and says, “The key is to pay attention to “what, how, and why,” they show up in our lives”! After becoming aware of these “Spiritual Breadcrumbs”, or the dots which connect our lives, Alysha created this podcast to teach others how to become aware of their own personal Myronies and put them to use in an effort to change the direction of their lives...


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episode 81: How Julie Ann Was Divinely Guided to Create the House of Influence and How She Continually Influences Others Through Retreats, Book Publishing and now TEDx Puerto Vallarta!!

Alysha is so excited to finally hear Julie Ann’s incredible story of how she created The House of Influence also known as Casa de Influencia in Puerto Vallarta after receiving guidance from the other side from her soulmate love who passed almost 2 years ago...


 July 22, 2023  1h32m

episode 80: “Myrony On the Move” with Hay House Author/Co-Founder of Mindvalley, Kristina Mӓnd-Lakhiani and About “Becoming Flawesome” Like Her New Just Released Book

This is the first “Myrony On the Move” and Alysha is honored to kick it off with Hay House Author and Co-Founder of Mindvalley, Kristina Mӓnd-Lakhiani...


 July 15, 2023  24m

episode 79: “Behind the Mic” with fellow Podcaster, Dan McPherson of “Dreams Are Real” and hear how he wants to impact 1M Women and Creatives achieve their dreams as a Calm and Clarity Coach

Alysha is so excited to have her new series Myrony “Behind the Mic” where she brings back past podcast guests so to have her dear friend and fellow Podcaster, Dan McPherson be her second in this series is such a treat because they haven’t recorded anything together since 2020!! Alysha felt Dan’s incredible interview from Ep...


 July 8, 2023  1h35m

episode 78: Myrony Musings with Saylor Cooper and how he is bringing “Hope Without Sight” as a Podcaster, Writer and Speaker

As you will hear, Alysha met Saylor Cooper thanks to a last-minute invite to Puerto Vallarta for a podcasting retreat was how they met in November 2022. Alysha knew Saylor was meant to share his amazing and also quite divinely myronic story through both her compilation book “Got Myrony? Life is Good Book 1” coming out next year and podcast...


 July 1, 2023  58m

episode 77: “Myrony Money in Motion” with SHARING

As you will hear, this episode was actually recorded on 5/10/23 which was the first “Myrony Money in Motion” since Alysha became SHARING’s first Brand Ambassador but it was also the 8th anniversary of when Alysha had her divine experience which you will also hear how the Founder of SHARING, Dr. Theodis Gamet and his wife and Managing Director, Dr. Amy McKenzie also had profound experiences directed by God that sound similar to what Alysha shares in her workshop...


 June 24, 2023  50m

episode 76: Myrony “Behind the Mic” with SHARING and Jacqueline Lafitte

This is Alysha’s first Myrony “Behind the Mic” where she basically has a “listening party” with Alysha’s featured guest, Jacqueline Lafitte along with her guest co-hosts, the Founder of SHARING, Dr. Theodis Gamet and his wife and Managing Director, Dr. Amy McKenzie. The episode they all listened to together before recording their thoughts on what they heard is thanks to Alysha’s friend, Shanna Vavra of “Sense of Soul” Podcast...


 June 17, 2023  1h40m

episode 75: Happy 8th Myronic Anniversary!!

Alysha shares how this episode is being released as a time stamp for another myronic anniversary where she realized after recording its actually the 8th anniversary since it was 4/22/15 when myrony was first brought into existence...


 April 22, 2023  38m

episode 74: Overcoming the Mindset of 'Just Surviving' with Tammy Ward

My guest this week, Tammy Ward shares her myronies about how she went from being a ballet dancer/teacher to then become a police officer only because she was told she would never pass the test. Tammy did not like being told she couldn’t do something so she simply proved she could and eventually ended up as Sergeant in her 25-year career...


 July 9, 2022  51m

episode 73: Awaken your Soul Through Human Design with Andrea Stephenson

Thanks to divine design connecting me to Andrea Stephenson after she heard my episode on my friend, Shanna Vavra who is the co-host of “Sense of Soul” Podcast (Ep. 63) is the reason I got to learn about the fascinating modality known as Human Design...


 July 2, 2022  58m

episode 72: Following Myronies to Lead You to A Fulfilled Life with Corey Poirier

When I meet someone who really and I mean REALLY gets myrony, I am a like a kid in a candy shop and let me tell you, this week’s AMAZING guest, Corey Poirier absolutely does because he recognizes the biggest piece that moves it from a synchronicity to MYRONY is the action that needs to be taken!! Only because Corey was constantly in motion with what he was putting out there to manifest and make happen is how he has connected with some of the biggest thought leaders in the world like Jack...


 June 25, 2022  1h18m