The 6570 Family Project

If you are a parent of a tween, teen or somewhere on the way, this is exactly the place for you! This is the playground for parents who want to raise their kids with intention, strength and joy to come and hear all the discussions, get all the tactics and have lots of laughs along the way! We will dive into the real challenges in raising kids today and how to show up as parents AND teach your kids to show up as members of the family and individuals in the world. My name is Nellie Harden. Big city girl turned small town, front porch, iced tea sippin’ momma who loves igniting transformation in the hearts and minds of families by helping them build Self-Led Discipline™ and Leadership to elevate the family experience and set the kids up with a rock solid foundation they can launch their life on all before they even leave home!

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episode 62: 6 Things You Have To Teach Her To Become a Self-Advocate!

Challenges in life are guaranteed! In this childhood training ground for adulting (otherwise known as being a teenager), helping your child walk through challenges is one of the hardest experiences as a parent. But, without that push out of the nest, they never learn to fly and become an advocate for themselves. This is a practice, not a one-and-done skill...



episode 61: How To Prepare For An Amazing Week Every Time with Guest Toni-Ann Mayembe

Do you want to set your home, family, schedule, and sanity up for success? Toni Ann has the way! This is a great talk about what we can do to mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare for a productive and fun week ahead by doing a little now that saves you so much later!



episode 60: How To Walk Your Teen Through an Emotional Storm?

An emotional storm can look a thousand different ways depending on how things are being processed within for your child, but how you can step in and help them follows the same cadence every time. It will look differently than a typical conversation and there are some things you can do to “storm prep” and some things you want to do IN the storm. Tune in today to hear where storms come from, and what you can do to bring calm and leave with clarity.



episode 59: What More Do You Need From Your Child’s Doctor? with Guest Dr. Elham Raker

In this episode, we are going to cover topics from the typical pediatrics exam to the places in pediatrics that are needing more attention (especially for teens and tweens) and how to transition our teens from the idea of the “little kid” doctor to taking their health more seriously, and into their hands, as a teen. We want them to be advocates of their wellness and how can we help that become a reality along their journey?



episode 58: Cliques or Safety Zones?

Why do young women huddle? She used to be so confident and now she seems so insecure. Why is that? What happens when they are left out of the group? All of these questions and more are addressed in this episode all about the community behavior of young women and why they think the way they do and congregate in groups and leave some out. There is one key factor...



episode 57: Finding the D.A.M.N Joy Through The Unexpected in Life and Parenting with Guest Bevin Farrand

Life can throw some curve balls that are least expected sometimes. There is no preparation for them, but there are some tools and skills that you can develop and use to keep you grounded, moving forward, getting back up, and finding joy again. This conversation with Bevin hits on the infertility story, loss, solo parenting, the hard talks, living past the unexpected and so much more. I can’t wait for you to listen!


 2022-08-31  2m

episode 56: When Building Your Teen: First Comes Worth, Then Comes Esteem

Raising a child is big work and we all get a surprise in the middle of it all when it shifts from the needs of the first half to the different and more specific needs of the second half. It is easy to get flustered, lost, and frustrated as a parent (and child) during these years, but there is a sequence of steps, a path, all uniquely walked by each parent, that takes you through their needs and builds what they need before they leave home...


 2022-08-24  25m

episode 55: Does My Child Have ADHD And, If So, What Do I Do About It? with Guest Dr. Nerissa Bauer

Do you sometimes wonder about your child and if they are a part of the 6.1 million kids diagnosed with this ADHD you keep hearing about? Or maybe your child, or you, already have been and you are wondering about some next steps. Dr.Bauer and Nellie have an amazing conversation in this episode about: 1. What to look out for 2. What contributes to this diagnosis 3. Best advice to parents out there 4...


 2022-08-17  46m

episode 54: Tips On How To Do This Teen/Tween Parenting Gig from the Pro’s with Guest Cindy Muchnick

There is so much to think about and do as a tween/teen parent and where do we focus? How do we help them be ready? What are the hard logistics and the soft lessons? Tune into this episode to hear from a woman who has written the book on it, and several more, as we discuss the ins and outs of this journey, where to keep your focus, and how to behave as a parent during these challenging years!


 2022-08-10  45m

episode 53: Taking Mom Guilt OFF The Table with Guest Skye Barbour

Have you ever suffered from mom guilt? If you are a mom I would say there is a 100% chance of yes! In this honest and beautiful discussion with Skye Barbour, Nellie fleshes out the inescapable lure of guilt and the equally doable mindset of saying no to it no matter what you want to do with your life...


 2022-08-03  38m