The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast

Listen to your hosts Dave Jones & Chris Gammell talk about electronics design and the electronics industry in general. If you have any interest in electronics at all, from hobbyist/hacker/maker to engineering professional you'll find something of interest here.

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#519 – Simulating Embedded Hardware with Michael Gielda

Michael Gielda of AntMicro joins Chris to talk about simulating embedded hardware, from the microcontroller core all the way out to multiple units communicating on a mesh network (and beyond). Their open source tool (Renode) enables better firmware tes...



#518 – Satellites and EVs with Joris Aerts

Joris Aerts joins Chris to talk about building electronics for (cube) satellites, the electronics inside the Model S door handle and a new testing platform he is creating.



#517 – Depth and AI with Brandon Gilles and Brian Weinstein

Brandon Gilles and Brian Weinstein of Luxonis (makers of the DepthAI) join Chris to talk about how embedded computing will change in the next 5 years due to depth perception and AI image classification. The DepthAI board uses the Intel Movidius Myriad ...



#516 – Thermions Aren’t A Thing

This week Chris and Dave discuss thermal design, bluetooth bootloading, power lines, refactoring labs, and automated layout tools.



#515 – Embedded Linux with Jay Carlson

Jay Carlson joins Chris to talk about his recently released opus on building embedded Linux for microprocessors and the process of building 10 different boards to showcase the required steps.


 2020-11-02  2h13m

#514 – Focus, Dammit

Dave and Chris discuss the benefits of focusing on a platform for finding work and whether that should tilt the discussion of generalist vs specialist. Also software explanations, downsizing, power stations, remote work, new dev boards and more!


 2020-10-25  1h13m

#513 – Audio DSP with Shannon Parks

Shannon Parks of Parks Audio joins Chris to talk about processing phono (record player) audio input using DSP and selling a digital device into a consumer market that goes crazy over analog.


 2020-10-19  1h28m

#512 – Design For Longevity

Dave and Chris talk about troubleshooting electronics from afar, solar charging, car charging, bus charging and the charge of educational institutions around the world.


 2020-10-12  1h19m

#511 – Brewing Electronics with Eli Hughes

Eli Hughes of TZero joins Chris to talk about creating a business around a connected brewery monitoring system and the technologies that go inside of it. Also working with processors, switching from FreeRTOS to Zephyr and working as a "Pro Support" eng...


 2020-10-05  1h16m

#510 – Knob and Tube Wiring

Chris and Dave discuss EV charging, old wiring in houses, working with an RTOS, newly announced open source devices and more!


 2020-09-29  1h9m