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- Liverpool FC through the eyes of match-going supporters, the award-winning Anfield Wrap podcast talks honestly and passionately about every game The Reds play home and away in the Premier League, the cups and European competition. Also covering LFC news, gossip and analysis, TAW has grown from two free shows a week in 2011 to a subscription package of circa 30 shows a month in 2016. More information at



      TAW Special: Live From Seville

      Liverpool are in Seville and therefore The Anfield Wrap is sunning itself. It has also bumped into the brilliant Brian Reade. Neil Atkinson, Gareth Roberts and Craig Hannan chat to Brian about Liverpool's history in Europe and look ahead to tonight's game and the rest of the season.

      The Anfield Wrap finds itself in Seville thanks to Blue Air and they are flying out of Liverpool to a variety of different places including Milan, Alicante and...



      TAW Special: Dan Hewitt On Tony Pulis Getting The Bullet

      As part of this week's 'Coach Home' Neil Atkinson and John Gibbons spoke to ITV's Dan Hewitt about West Brom's decision to part company with manager Tony Pulis.



      Free Podcast: Sorry Saints Swept Aside By Relentless Reds

      Liverpool put their most controlled performance of the season in against Southampton. But they all had their best four attackers on the pitch. What difference did this make?

      Discussing Coutinho deeper and Salah's astonishing start to the season with Neil Atkinson are Rob Gutmann, David Segar and Stuart Wright.

      They also take a look ahead to Sevilla and how Jurgen Klopp may approach that game.



      Radio City Talk: Can The Reds Smash The Saints?

      The Anfield Wrap on Radio Citytalk this week is all excited about Liverpool returning to action after the international break. What can we expect? What will we see? Has the shape changed more than just once? We wonder about that, speculate on the side and imagine the Liverpool we will get to see this weekend and beyond.

      We've Heather Carroll updating us on the Ladies's progress too and an appeal for donations for a campaign around Hillsborough Law.



      The Rider: Sooty And Sweep

      It's ridiculous they let us do this. The Rider this week is quorate. Stephanie Heneghan is back and she is no longer unwell. She is, in fact, well. Very well. More within.

      Neil Atkinson and John Gibbons have been to Berlin and are back to tell the tale. Has Adam climbed anything?

      I mean this all seems rather mundane but it's pretty much the most riotous 80 minutes of podcasting you can get. THRILL at John supporting Mary Beard. STAGGER at Steph's chest infection....



      TAW Special: Save Grassroots Football

      As Premier League clubs spent a record-breaking £1.4billion in the summer transfer window, at the bottom of the football pyramid teams continue to struggle to make ends meet.

      With ever-rising fees and facilities becoming increasingly rundown, the Save Grassroots Football campaign has launched a fresh petition in an attempt to persuade the government to impose a five per cent levy on the Premier League's broadcasting rights, with the money being reinvested into the grassroots ...



      Free Podcast: Liverpool's Not So Great Expectations

      JOINING Gareth Roberts for a post-international break assessment of Liverpool's season so far and the ambitions that remain are Andy Heaton, Paul Senior and Ben Johnson.

      Following qualification for the Champions League, hopes were high that The Reds would push on, improve the squad in the summer and aim high this season. But after the ups and downs of the campaign so far, have the sights shifted? What represents a good season for Liverpool now and how much can we trust this...



      Cup Of Tea: Amanda Jacks on Stewarding And British Transport Police

      Gareth Roberts is joined by Amanda Jacks, a caseworker for The Football Supporters' Federation who helps fans with policing and stewarding issues.

      The standard of stewarding is discussed, alongside a recent documentary screened on Channel 4 which focused on fans and "trouble on the trains".

      It's the third in a series of podcasts focusing on perception of football fans, how they are policed and stewarded, and how they are portrayed by the...



      Radio City Talk: Triple Booked

      Neil Atkinson hosts a book heavy international break edition of our Radio City Talk show.

      Joining him is Simon Hughes to talk about his latest book 'On The Brink', Mark Platt to talk about 'The Red Journey: Liverpool An Oral History Of Liverpool Football Club and finally Duncan Alexander to chat about 'Outside the Box: A Statistical Journey Through the History of Football'.

      For the last part of the show Neil chats to John Milburn, Sean McGivern and Jon...



      The Rider: Early Afternoon Frolics

      No Stephanie! She has been laid low and signed off meaning that Neil Atkinson, John Gibbons and Adam Melia must soldier on, on an unlikely afternoon recording.

      What to expect? What has Adam walked up now? How did John find Belfast? What was the score? Where is the Gig Of The Week?

      The show has it all apart from Steph. Get well soon!


      Stylo G - Yu Zimme (All Star VIP remix)

      Prides - Let's Stay in Bed All Day

      Chicano Batman - Freedom Is...