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YouTubers Joey the Anime Man and Aki Dearest join forces for an hour of anime. What’s hot, what’s not, what’s new and what you should be watching. If you love Anime, you need this.

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Forget the Oscars, we're talking Anime Awards

While Joey and Aki were disappointed with the lack of Anime nominations at the Oscars, they want to talk all things Anime Awards. Anime's answer to the Oscars were on recently; the Crunchyroll Anime Awards! Joey and Aki have some thoughts about the winners and what films they think deserved to win. The duo also think the awards system needs a change; maybe they need to break it into 2 sections: fan voted awards and academy voted awards...


 2018-03-06  23m

EXTRA: Will Joey marry Aki?

Would Joey marry Aki if he had to choose between her and an Anime character? Ooooh, it's an interesting answer!


 2018-02-27  1m

Anime you want to marry (kiss, and do away with)

Joey and Aki play the ultimate test of loyalty to anime characters! Which famous anime (and Pokemon characters) do they want to kiss, marry, away with. Aki puts Joey on the spot and asks if he'll marry her! 


 2018-02-27  21m

EXTRA: Missing a train in Japan (it's an experience)

If you miss the last train in Japan, you'll spend a very long night outside...


 2018-02-20  1m

Best and worst of Japan

Aki's heading back to America. But before she does she's sharing a list of her 'best and worst' about Japan. Japan's healthy (and good!) food is so delicious. She doesn't have a lot of negatives (but find out her little niggles in this ep). Joey doesn't like that trains don't run 24/7 in Japan, it makes it hard to enjoy a night out!


 2018-02-20  19m

EXTRA: The biggest problem with Gijinkas today

Joey and Aki fight over whether there are good Gijinkas anymore. Joey gets passionate about why he thinks they aren't good (hint: #memes). 


 2018-02-13  0m

A debate over Gijinkas; why they're good and really bad

Joey and Aki have very different opinions on Gijinkas (don't worry, if you don't know what that means, Aki explains it for you). Aki's been following them for a while and can appreciate them. She thinks there's some really good ones out there. Joey doesn't understand the appeal. He thinks they're really stupid and uncreative. Thoughts?


 2018-02-13  15m

EXTRA: Joey in Anime form

Aki shares a little too much about her relationship with Joey when she makes up an Anime film title that describes the two of them. Joey plays it safe and calls their life boring.


 2018-02-06  1m

The Anime that makes us cry

Joey and Aki admit they cry watch Anime. They're answering all your questions; Aki compares her boyf to an Anime film, and Joey talks about his favourite female anime characters.


 2018-02-06  16m

EXTRA: Not all films that win awards are good

With the Oscar nominations out this week, Joey says people shouldn't just watch the nominated films (or the award winners). You need to find films you like; just because a film wins an award doesn't mean you're going to love it.


 2018-01-30  2m