The Beautiful Universe: Chandra in HD

High definition views of Chandra's exciting science

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Tour: Black Hole Fails to Do Its Job

Astronomers have discovered what can happen when a giant black hole does not intervene in the life of a galaxy cluster.


 2020-08-03  n/a

A Tour of Cases of Black Hole Mistaken Identity

Astronomers have discovered one type of growing supermassive black hole masquerading as another.


 2020-07-15  n/a

A Tour of a New Galactic Center Adventure in Virtual Reality

By combining data from telescopes with supercomputer simulations and virtual reality (or "VR"), a new visualization allows you to experience 500 years of cosmic evolution around the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way.


 2020-07-02  n/a

A Tour of X-rays From a Newborn Star Hint at Our Sun's Earliest Days

By detecting an X-ray flare from a very young star using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, researchers have reset the timeline for when stars like the Sun start blasting high-energy radiation into space.


 2020-06-18  n/a

A Tour of a Black Hole Outburst Caught on Video

Astronomers have caught a black hole hurling hot material into space at close to the speed of light.


 2020-05-29  n/a

A Tour of Bending the Bridge Between Two Galaxy Clusters

Several hundred million years ago, two galaxy clusters collided and then passed through each other. This mighty event released a flood of hot gas from each galaxy cluster that formed an unusual bridge between the two objects.


 2020-05-11  n/a

A Tour of a Star Survives Close Call with a Black Hole

Astronomers may have discovered a new kind of survival story: a star that had a brush with a giant black hole and lived to tell the tale through exclamations of X-rays.


 2020-04-23  n/a

A Tour of the Universe's Expansion May Not Be The Same In All Directions

One of the fundamental ideas of cosmology is that everything looks the same in all directions if you look over large enough distances. A new study using data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and ESA's XMM-Newton is challenging that basic notion.


 2020-04-08  n/a

A Tour of Chandra Data Tests "Theory of Everything"

Astronomers using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory have made one of the first experimental tests of string theory, a set of models intended to tie together all known forces, particles, and interactions.


 2020-03-19  n/a

A Tour of the Biggest Explosion Ever Seen in the Universe

Astronomers have discovered the biggest explosion seen in the Universe in a galaxy cluster 390 million light years away.


 2020-02-27  n/a