The Bebop Beat: A Cowboy Bebop Rewatch Podcast

Hosts Lauren Faits and Jamie Sanchez revisit Cowboy Bebop, their favorite anime of all time. Each episode explores the characters, stories, themes, and music that make Cowboy Bebop a jazzy sci-fi hit to this day. Follow along for weekly news, interviews, and speculation about the upcoming live-action show. Are you ready for The Beat?

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episode 40: Red Planet Requiem ft. Sean Cummings

Are you trying to #SaveBebop? Hoping for #MoreBebop?? There's a canonical (Netflix) Cowboy Bebop prequel novel available RIGHT NOW! We're pausing our live-action watch through to visit Red Planet Requiem: A Syndicate Story. Though he couldn't be in the studio with us, author Sean Cummings forwarded answers to some of our burning questions. We share them, this week, along with our review. Praise! Gripes! Thirst! It's all here, book lovers.



episode 39: Darkside Tango ft. Anneke Botha

Darkside Tango takes us through the moody, jazz-filled alleyways of Jet Black's past, but just how well does it uphold the stories of Udai and Fad? One of the brilliant cowfolks behind this noir-inspired world is Set Decorator Anneke Botha. The Bebop is the love of her life; we can't wait for you to hear how the team built our favorite ship from the guts of a real-life fishing trawler!



episode 38: Callisto Soul ft. Naomi Markman

We're back with the perfect episode for anyone whose New Year's Resolution is "going green!" Callisto Soul puts a tree-hugging twist on an old fave. We welcome Script Coordinator Naomi Markman, one of Cowboy Bebop's freshest voices, to unravel why Maria Murdock and her "children" are more relevant than ever.



episode 37: Dog Star Swing ft. Charlie the Corgi and Friends

Whether you prefer Betty's Boop or Betty's Bottom, we can all agree: The best part of Dog Star Swing is Ein! We analyze the episode top to, um, bottom, before welcoming the Charlie the corgi, the brightest star in Cowboy Bebop. As much as we love Charlie's barks and woofs, we are also thankful for his human mum, Steph, and his trainer, Rosie, for tagging along.


 2021-12-24  1h26m

episode 36: Venus Pop ft. Podcast Friends

Grab your favorite teddy and settle in for a Cowboy Bebop podcast jamboree! This week, Jamie and Lauren are joined by Jesse (Sudden But Inevitable) and Andrew (Bebop Tabletop). It truly takes this many voices to unravel the number of bounties and sessions remixed into Venus Pop.


 2021-12-17  1h21m

episode 35: Cowboy Gospel ft. Kim Huston

A new era of Cowboy Bebop begins with Cowboy Gospel, an episode that pulls inspiration from Asteroid Blues, Knockin' on Heaven's Door, and more. We can't believe all that Netflix packed in this one, from Faye Valentine's debut to our favorite three old men. Our first live action guest is Visual Effects Editor Kim Huston, who lets us in on tricks of the trade and Easter eggs galore!


 2021-12-10  1h37m

episode 34: The Bebop Beat Live: Netflix Binge

The Bebop Beat podcast is back for Season 2! We're kicking it off with a recording of our first LIVE show. Shortly after Netflix's Cowboy Bebop premiered, we recorded our reactions with other fans on Discord. Please pay the howdy toll, then listen to our discussion on the live action performances, themes, and soundtrack.


 2021-12-03  1h6m

Bonus Episode: Netflix Trailers and Teasers

It's hard to stay on hiatus with so much Cowboy Bebop news popping up! On this mini ep, we chat about the latest from Netflix- The Lost Session, trailers, and promo photos. We have a few of our own hopes and predictions, too! Whatever happens, happens.


 2021-11-03  23m

episode 33: The Real Folk Blues (Part 2) ft. Our Listeners

This is it, the end of Cowboy Bebop. Thank you to all of the loyal listeners who joined us on this journey. Our guest this week is YOU! Anime fans from all over the star system are here to talk about their favorite characters, stories, and how Cowboy Bebop has affected us all. See you in Season 2 for the Netflix episodes, bounty hunters. Whatever happens, happens!


 2021-10-15  1h29m

episode 32: The Real Folk Blues (Part 1) ft. Mike Toole

The end is near! ...The end of The Bebop Beat Season 1, that is. To take us into the Real Folk Blues, we welcome Mike Toole, Editor-at-Large for Anime News Network (ANN). He has a lot to say about Cowboy Bebop's history, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix... lifelong anime fans will love this one!


 2021-10-08  1h18m