The Business Side of Music

The Business Side of Music is an interview show designed to help independent artists and songwriters better understand and navigate the music industry. 45-year industry veteran, Bob Bender talks to successful guests from every corner of the industry about their careers to discover the things they did right as well as the lessons they learned from any mistakes they made.

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#131 - Kiss You All Over and the 15 Years It Took To Get There

They’ve had 12 studio albums, two Greatest Hits records, One Christmas album, 38 singles at radio, and 8 music videos later, the Band Exile is still going strong 57 years since their beginnings. Marlon Hargis, the keyboardist for Exile is our guest...


 2020-09-21  37m

Podcast - Denis Hiller

#130 - The Electronic Music Scene


 2020-09-14  40m

#129 - It's A Free Form Conversation with Rick Cua

Meet Rick Cua. A member of the successful mainstream rock group "The Outlaws", garnering 2 Gold Records, he's toured with such acts as ZZ Top, 38 Special, Molly Hatchett, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Rod Stewart, Joan Jett, Marshall Tucker Band, The...


 2020-08-31  45m

#128 - Getting Your Music onto Spotify… and Actually Making a Difference

On this episode, we chat with Michael Sloane who is the CEO of Streaming Promotions, strategic platform promotions company that specializes in Spotify playlisting. Started about 5 ½ years ago, Streaming Promotions () works with...


 2020-08-24  36m

#127 - The Anatomy of the Song

So you want to be a songwriter. Well, loving music is a good start, but its not going to get you in to any doors. You have to not only know how to write that next big hit song, but what to do with it.  Our guest on this episode is Corey Lee...


 2020-08-17  37m

#126 - Preserving Bluegrass for the Next Generation

Meet Jeremy Stephens and his wife Corrina Rose Logston who make up 2/5 of the band High Fidelity. Along with Kurt Stephenson, Vickie Vaughn, and Daniel Amick, they're working to preserve the traditional sounds of America's cultural music known as...


 2020-08-10  45m

#125 - Now Is The Time To Up Your Game in the Music Business

In this episode of the Business Side of Music, we talk with Camille Barbone, an established music industry executive, who is best known as the person who discovered, developed, managed, and launched the mainstream music career of superstar Madonna. We...


 2020-08-03  54m

#124 - Learning From Those With Experience and Knowledge

Meet Tim Riley. Nominated 3 times for Billboard Magazine's "Promotion Man of the Year". He's worked with such acts as Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Bread, Dionne Warwick, Blondie, Cat Stevens, Billy Joel, and Carly Simon just to name a few. We spend time...


 2020-07-23  39m

Don’t Make Your Live Show the Last Thing On Your List

Even during this period of isolation, and with no venues open for you to perform, its still a great time to work on your live performance, because if you don’t have a live show worth watching, no one will pay attention, especially if you're only...


 2020-07-16  50m

#122 - Affordable Health Insurance for the Working Musician

It's a tough business we work in. Often times we're working from paycheck to paycheck, and some items such as health insurance can be considered a luxury to those that work in the trenches, trying to make a living in the music industry. Then there's...


 2020-07-06  48m