The Colleen Gallagher Podcast

This podcast is intended to offer space to hold conversations around beginning to live a lifestyle you love. We cover topics on alternative ways to heal so you become well from a physical standpoint. Colleen self-healed herself from a childhood cancer diagnosis. We cover topics that range from psychology, new-age spirituality, and digital marketing strategies. Colleen’s healing journey with cancer has inspired her commitment to educate, activate, and empower people through her content for people to heal, grow, and evolve so they can fall in love with life. This podcast will guide you to create a reality that is out of this world. It combines Colleen's travel experiences of traveling to 42 countries by age 27, working for a $23 billion company, a $400 million company in sales as well as founding her own company Colleen Gallagher International. Colleen is here to activate, educate, and empower you to live into your full potential and create your modern-day fairytale life. Tune in to receive the frequency.

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episode 124: E.124 What I Learned From Posting an Erotic Photo on the Internet

As coaches, artists, healers, and content creators we strive to add value to the world. We feel a calling within us to do something that inspires transformation and change in this world. We feel deeply inspired by our own content and imagery.. we put more effort into it than anyone could possibly imagine.
At times people love our messaging, photos, and branding, and other times our community hates it...



episode 123: E.123 How does race, and culture influence our ability to authentically connect and find love? With Taylor McPherson AKA The Sparkle Queen

In this episode we dive deep into dating stereotypes, preferences, and discrimination and what can we do to truly find love past race and culture differences. This is an episode you will want to tune into as we have a real conversation to digest how race and culture influence our ability to connect.

Taylor is soon to be 32 Sagittarius that’s taking Los Angeles by storm as the host of new singles events around LA...


 2022-11-28  38m

episode 122: E.122 How to Boost Confidence with Non-Surgical Beauty Enhancements - All the Juicy Details with Dr.Sarah Yovino

The beauty industry is always evolving and transforming.
A big difference today is that we have Medical Aesthesis and Beauty Enhancements that are available to the everyday person!
How do we start our aesthesis journey and maintain it so we feel confident and beautiful as we age?

In this episode we have a beautiful guest I know through Kimberly Wujek from Who Has It, Dr. Sarah Yovino...


 2022-11-07  37m

episode 121: Episode 121 Digital Dating! How on Earth do we do it Right? With FROME Founders Steve Rossiter and Joe Feminella

We are so blessed to speak with the founders of the new dating app First Round is on Me. I met these lovely gentlemen when I was out one night and began speaking with them about monogamy, open-relating and, polyamory.
In this episode, we cover all things with new-age dating.
How do we date so we can actually find a match in this digital world?
As well as what it takes to become a founder and start something new!

Tune in to receive the frequency...


 2022-10-24  50m

episode 120: Episode 120 How to Create a Successful Brand with Co-Founder Gina Galvin of Stellar Snacks

In this episode, we have the honor to have a conversation with the co-founder of Stellar Snacks a 30-year company that manufactures, distributes, and sells Pretzels...


 2022-09-26  27m

episode 119: Episode 119 How do you Stay Committed to Making Your Dreams and Goals Happen?

In this episode, I share how this is the second time I've done an episode a week for one year on my podcast. And wow there is no feeling like the feeling of completing a 12-month commitment and goal you've promised yourself...


 2022-09-07  15m

episode 118: Episode 118 How to Stop the Drama in Your Relationships

In this episode, Colleen goes over how you can stop the never-ending drama conflicts in relationships so that your life becomes more pleasurable and enjoyable.

Colleen also goes over the key to what makes you fear relationships which leads to you desiring to be alone instead of growing through relationships.
Tune in to receive the frequency...


 2022-08-23  17m

episode 117: Episode 117 - Are you experiencing burnout and your body is REQUIRING you to adapt to another career! Listen in with Melanie McCool

If you are experiencing burnout and you are becoming worried about how will you provide for yourself and your family? Your body no longer lets you work the way that you used to, and you are getting to the point where you ALREADY ARE sacrificing your health for success or you.
Well, this episode is for you!

Melanie takes you into her journey of being a top 1% earner in her sales and training career...


 2022-08-17  35m

episode 116: Episode 116 What is the Secret Key to Unlock Falling in Love?

In this episode, I go through what is the number one key that needs to become unlocked so that you can experience greater connections, deeper intimacy, and greater love in your life. This is the relationship hack that completely transformed my life, and I know it will for you too.  Because without this key, code, and understanding of love you will always hit a block at the bliss love can bring into your life!

Tune in to receive the frequency...


 2022-08-10  16m

episode 115: Episode 115 How to Master the Feeling of Being "Alone"

In this dynamic episode, I go through my raw, authentic, and real challenges of struggling to accept being and feeling alone. I go through the internal fight we each go through of staying home alone to enjoy a night by ourselves or giving into the fear of missing out, so we go out, wishing we would have stayed in. This is a MUST listen-to episode for anyone struggling with confidence, self-love, and wondering why things aren't working out in your life...


 2022-08-01  14m