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We explore the essential aspects of communications, marketing, and writing. Podcast interviews with thought-leaders look at important influences that shape a PR pro’s or marketer’s work and creativity for the better. Show host Sheelagh Caygill uses her experience as a journalist to ask guests probing questions, often revealing little-known tips and insights. Episodes always offer listeners solutions to common problems and actionable tips. Sometimes the topics we explore will have a less direct impact on our immediate goals, but they still matter. Episodes have delved into communicating with influence, enhancing leadership communications, and the connection between emotive content writing and poetry. Our guests, just like our listeners, are global. As much as possible, we go beyond international borders and engage in issues affecting PRs and marketers around the world. We feature trend updates, such as the growing force of artificial intelligence in communications and marketing, working on climate reality campaigns, and dedicated leadership support for reputation management and a powerful brand presence...

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episode 40: How to Select an Ecommerce Platform for your Store

COVID-19 impacted thousands of businesses globally, and a lot of smaller businesses had never made the jump to an online presence.

Suddenly, they were without sales, and had to scramble to get online. Some businesses are still dealing with the transition to ecommerce, especially smaller businesses and bricks and mortar stores. 

In this episode, Kevin McCall, founder and technology lead with Podmotion...


 2020-07-08  28m

episode 41: How to Market Your E-Commerce Store

Fernando Angulo is Fernando is Head of Communications with SEMRush. In this episode, Fernando gives an in-depth discussion about how to market an e-commerce website. 

He takes listeners through all the essentials, including SEO, advertising, Google Tools, paid-for options, and social media. This is the second and final part of our series on e-commerce platforms and marketing. You can find episode one with Kevin McCall here...


 2020-07-15  35m

episode 42: Do podcast transcripts enhance SEO?

Many podcast transcripts are uploaded to podcast websites with the belief that they benefit search engine optimization.

But is this true? Carl Robinson, founder of Rumble.Studio and host of the Voice Tech podcast, has used and then removed transcripts, and saw no difference in traffic figures. I had a similar experience.

The issue could come down to the quality of transcriptions generated by platforms such as Otter and Descript...


 2020-07-22  21m

episode 43: Empathy, trust, customer service are key to successful brand building

This episode sees host Sheelagh Caygill talk to branding pro Jack Fussell. He's worked with hundreds of businesses on brand strategy, and knows what makes a brand great.

Branding is so much bigger than a logo, website, or business card. Jack says at the end of the day, the most simple version of understanding what a brand is, is what your customers feel about you...


 2020-08-06  50m

episode 44: Podcasting is Changing the Face of Audio Journalism

Podcasting is significantly changing journalism, which has been affected a great deal by lack of investment and a declining audience in recent years.

In this episode we speak with Toronto podcast producer and journalist Kathleen Goldhar on the impact podcasting continues to have on journalism

"I don't think you can do anything without a podcast anymore," Kathleen observes. "Every news organization has one, CBC has one . . ...


 2020-08-19  29m

episode 45: How to Leverage Influence As Part of Your Marketing

Influencer marketing is fast replacing many marketing tactics. It's such a flexible option that can be used on many levels. Small and large agencies can employ it, as can businesses and individuals.

In fact, the chances are that you've already used influencer marketing and don't realize it...


 2020-08-26  52m

episode 46: How to Move From Journalism into Communications

Every year across the world, hundreds of journalists move from the newsroom or the classroom into the world of PR, communications, or marketing.

The good ones possess great storytelling skills, and know how to get information out of people.

However, communications and marketing are very different worlds form journalism, and journalists must develop a whole new set of traits to succeed in these industries...


 2020-09-03  39m

episode 47: Why Self-Aware Leaders Make the Best Communicators

It's hard to believe that not every leader is a good communicator.

Our guest Nick Meir explains that this is because we think of communication as mostly spoken. But in Nick's view, communication is essentially the "movement of information" and so body language and micro-expressions are part of that movement of information.

With this definition, it's easy to see how a leader's body language can impact a workplace culture and even subjugate people...


 2020-09-18  45m

episode 48: Conversational design to play a big role in marketing, PR

The Future is Spoken isn't just the name of a new podcast, it's a phrase that illuminates the fact that voice will dominate marketing and PR in coming months and years.

Voice technology is now ubiquitous. We speak to our voice assistants at home, to our smartphones, and to our vehicles. Some people talk to lighting and temperature control systems in their homes...


 2020-10-08  36m

episode 49: Podcasting Industry Predictions for 2021

Despite the pandemic, the podcasting industry had a good year in 2021, with lots of new content, and a record in advertising spend.

Podcasting and radio industry expert James Cridland is today's guest on this episode of The Communicate Influence Podcast. He takes a look at some of the emerging trends already visible in the first few weeks of this new year, and looks at what may lie ahead. 

He foresees a robust year, with more exciting and diverse content on the horizon...


 2021-01-12  31m