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episode 39: Call Your Mom

When you see "Mom" in your missed calls, do you start to sweat? Does a voicemail that starts "Hi, sweetie, it's me, so sorry to bother you..." make you twitch? You're not alone. Whether you have a great relationship with your mom or a predominantly shouting-based one, calls between moms and their kids are complicated. And on this episode, we hear from friends, colleagues, and listeners about how they navigate their mom calls...


 2019-05-14  37m

episode 38: How Cynthia Rowley Gets It Done

Cynthia Rowley is a fashion designer, author, and successful businesswoman, despite not having a background in business. Stella Bugbee talks with Cynthia about balancing work and life, hustling Andy Warhol at the start of her career, taking risks in fashion and business, and much more.


 2019-05-09  27m

episode 37: What If You Regret Becoming a Mom?

This week, we listen in on a conversation between Dr. Alexandra Sacks, host of the new podcast Motherhood Sessions, and Anne, who never wanted to be a mom.


 2019-05-07  34m

episode 36: How Topeka Sam and Holly Harris Get It Done

How activists Topeka Sam and Holly Harris get it done.


 2019-05-02  27m

episode 35: The Pursuit of Total Friendship: Nicole Cliffe and Daniel Mallory Ortberg

Nicole Cliffe and Daniel Mallory Ortberg tell us about everything that's happened since they first bonded over Rebecca, answering questions like: How does a friendship change when one of you transitions? What about when one of you finds God? And who the fuck is Loretta?


 2019-04-30  29m

episode 34: How Tamara Mellon Gets It Done

How fashion designer Tamara Mellon gets it done


 2019-04-25  36m

episode 33: Selling Out

Author Curtis Sittenfeld talks about what it means to sell out -- from short stories on Chipotle cups to brand-written tweets.


 2019-04-23  44m

episode 31: How Yaseem Hassan Gets It Done

How Global Executive Director for Equality Now, Yasmeen Hassan, gets it done.


 2019-04-18  28m

episode 30: I Love You I Love You I Love You

Marriage: Why do we bother? Our theory is that it all comes down to a good story -- so this week, we've got two couples with really good stories.


 2019-04-16  42m

episode 29: Family Money

A Queen-Sized Bed On A Private Jet


 2019-04-09  43m