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The Cut is a weekly audio magazine exploring culture, style, sex, politics and more. Each week, an ensemble of voices, led by B.A. Parker and Jazmín Aguilera, engage in the conversations that matter most in our current moment. Intimate, provocative, and probing, the Cut aims to ask questions before listeners even know they have them, always with a generous wit and an expansive idea of what is possible. From New York Magazine and The Vox Media Podcast Network. New episodes every Wednesday.

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Smutty TV Has Changed and So Have We

With shows like Bridgerton, Normal People, and Sex/Life, what does it mean for how we express our desires out loud?



Maybe You Should Go Outside

A few years back Stephanie Foo found herself burned out and anxious at the state of the world. So she decided to return to the one thing that always gave her peace: nature. But finding nature in New York City is... actually, not as hard as you think. In conversation with The Cut's Jazmin Aguilera, Stephanie describes how becoming a park steward helped her ease her climate anxiety. Then, she spends time with a horticultural therapist who uses gardening to heal. Learn more about your ad choices...



We Are All Burnt Out

We are all fried. All of us are working longer hours and smashing into a wall of depletion. But what does it mean to be so burnt out? And is there any way to break free?



Kat Chow Sees Ghosts

The Cut's B.A. Parker talks with author Kat Chow about loss and her new book "Seeing Ghosts."



Stay Out of My Hijabi Business

The Cut producer Noor Bouzidi explores the personal choice to wear or not to wear hijab.



In Her Shoes: Sanaa Lathan

In this episode of In Her Shoes, The Cut's Editor-in-Chief Lindsay Peoples Wagner sat down with actor and director Sanaa Lathan. Born and bred in New York City, Sanaa started out as a teen guest-starring on sitcoms like Family Matters and Moesha, before becoming a staple in rom-coms like Love And Basketball, The Best Man, and Brown Sugar. She also has appeared in blockbusters like Blade and Alien Vs...


 2021-08-14  33m

How Coachella Took the Woodstock Look, from Switched on Pop

The Cut’s Jazmín Aguilera and B.A. Parker talk the connections between festival fashion, music and culture with Switched on Pop.


 2021-08-11  26m

Why Does the Internet Hate Black Women?

The Cut’s B.A. Parker talks with Moya Bailey and Zeba Blay about the mental impact of misogynoir and what it means for the future of Black women online.


 2021-08-04  31m

Transracial Adoptees Are Tired of TV

Cut producer Schuyler Swenson searches for complex stories about transracial adoptions on screen.


 2021-07-28  33m

So Now You Wanna Free Britney Too, Huh?

The Cut’s Jazmín Aguilera and Angelina Chapin tap into the Britney Spears's fandom and explore how its devotion turned to activism.


 2021-07-21  24m