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episode 2012: Out with the old, in with the new.

NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework gets an upgrade. ONCD makes a case against memory-related software bugs. A recent cyberattack targets Canada's Royal Canadian Mounted Police. US dethrones Russia as top target in cyber breaches. Caveat podcast cohost Ben Yelin discusses remedies in the generative AI copyright cases.And, Reggaeton Be Gone, a creative way to deal with your neighbors’ music choices.  Remember to leave us a 5-star rating and review in your favorite podcast app...



episode 2013: Protecting American data.

President Biden is set to sign an executive order restricting overseas sharing by data brokers. US Federal agencies warn of exploited Ubiquiti EdgeRouters. A new ransomware operator claims to have hacked Epic Games. A cross-site scripting issue leaves millions of Wordpress sites vulnerable. The Rhysida ransomware group posts a multi-million dollar ransom demand on a Children’s Hospital in Chicago. Mandiant tracks Chinese threat actors targeting Ivanti VPNs...



episode 2014: Iran's cyber quest in Middle Eastern aerospace.

Iran-Linked Cyber-Espionage Targets Middle East's Aerospace and Defense. SpaceX is accused of limiting satellite internet for US troops. Savvy Seahorse' Floods the Net with Investment Scams. GUloader Malware draws on a crafty graphic attack vector. Repo confusion attacks persist. European consumer groups question Meta’s data collection options. Allegations of Russia targeting civilian critical infrastructure in Ukraine. Cisco patches high-severity flaws...



episode 2015: WhatsApp's legal triumph cracks the spyware vault.

A court orders NSO Group to hand over their source code. The Five Eyes reiterate warnings about Ivanti products. Researchers demonstrate a generative AI worm. Fulton County calls LockBit’s bluff. SMS codes went unprotected online. Golden Corral serves up a buffet of personal data. Ransom demands continue to climb. A US Senator calls on the FTC to investigate auto industry privacy practices. Dressing up data centers...



episode 2016: Cyberattack causes a code red on US healthcare.

The US healthcare sector is struggling to recover from a cyberattack. Russia listens in via Webex. The former head of NCSC calls for a ransomware payment ban. An Indian content farm mimics legitimate online news sites. The FTC reminds landlords that algorithmic price fixing is illegal. FCC employees are targeted by a phishing campaign. Experts weigh in on NIST’s updated cybersecurity framework. Police shut down the largest German-speaking cybercrime market...