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The whistleblower is vindicated, Mulvaney derails Trump's defense

Trump says the whistleblower has been discredited, but the facts tell a different story. Facts also oppose the conspiracy theory floated by Mick Mulvaney yesterday, and his comments provoked a rare rebuke from the Department of Justice. Guest host and CNN Senior Political Reporter Nia-Malika Henderson talk through the latest impeachment developments with CNN's senior justice correspondent Evan Perez and CNN reporter Daniel Dale.


 2019-10-18  17m

Gordon Sondland testifies as Mick Mulvaney alludes to a conspiracy theory

Is Gordon Sondland a Trump loyalist or an independent thinker? Sondland, the US ambassador to the E.U., took to Capitol Hill today and seemed to defy GOP talking points. Meanwhile, over at the White House, Mick Mulvaney denied that the suspension of Ukrainian aid had anything to do with Biden. Instead, he claimed the aid was tied to Ukrainian help with a Department of Justice investigation into 2016 election interference. And for now, Nancy Pelosi resists setting an impeachment timeline...


 2019-10-17  19m

Key diplomats are providing inside information to Congress

The insiders are finally telling their stories. A series of high-ranking diplomats take to Capitol Hill this week to shed light on the Trump administration's Ukraine dealings. Will any of Trump's allies turn on him? Meanwhile, federal investigators are reportedly engaged in a counterintelligence probe of Rudy Giuliani. CNN political director David Chalian is joined by CNN senior Washington correspondent Joe Johns and impeachment lawyer Ross Garber.


 2019-10-16  18m

As impeachment momentum builds, will Joe Biden become collateral damage?

It's debate day, a chance for the 2020 hopefuls to distinguish themselves. Democrats agree on the topic that looms largest - the impeachment inquiry - but questions remain...


 2019-10-15  19m

Joe Biden's family won't work for foreign companies if he wins White House

Joe Biden has gotten aggressive. After weeks of dismissing the President's criticism of his son Hunter, the 2020 hopeful has pledged to prohibit family members from having relationships with foreign companies if he becomes president. But is that enough to stave off criticism at tomorrow's debate? Meanwhile, former White House Russia advisor Fiona Hill testifies in front of Congress...


 2019-10-15  19m

Arrested Giuliani associates may be tip of the iceberg as ex-ambassador defies white house

A political problem might become a criminal problem. As the Trump administration fights off congressional subpoenas, new details emerge about the two Giuliani associates arrested for trying to insert foreign money into the US political system. On the Hill, former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch told lawmakers that Trump pushed for her ouster...


 2019-10-11  17m

Republicans are pushing back on Trump - but not on impeachment

The GOP is largely sticking by Trump, but they're calling him out on the withdrawal of troops in Syria. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is calling for Trump's impeachment and two Giuliani associates have been arrested for their roles in the Ukraine scandal. CNN political director David Chalian talks over the latest impeachment developments with CNN's chief political correspondent, Dana Bash...


 2019-10-10  18m

Trump stonewalls impeachment inquiry, Democrats claim obstruction of Congress

Will a White House insider turn on Trump? Special guest and former Nixon White House counsel John Dean thinks so as he compares the current impeachment drama to the Watergate era. CNN's law enforcement analyst Josh Campbell fills in as guest host...


 2019-10-09  18m

The impeachment inquiry turns into an impeachment war

The Trump administration says it's done playing nice. On Tuesday morning, the State Department blocked the congressional testimony of Gordon Sondland, the US Ambassador to the E.U. and a key figure in relations with Ukraine. Democrats say the move to silence Sondland amounts to evidence of obstruction. Meanwhile, according to a new poll, the majority of Americans support the impeachment inquiry...


 2019-10-08  17m

A second whistleblower, cracks in GOP support, and national security implications

President Trump may soon have a new antagonist: a second whistleblower with direct knowledge of the administration's Ukrainian dealings. Meanwhile, cracks emerge in the president's GOP support. CNN political director David Chalian and national correspondent Athena Jones are joined by national security analyst Sam Vinograd to talk through the latest headlines and examine if Trump put America at risk.


 2019-10-08  18m