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Bernie Sanders 2.0

Bernie Sanders has launched his second presidential campaign. CNN Political Director David Chalian discusses Sanders' latest announcement and the challenges he might face this time around.


 2019-02-20  12m

Former FBI Official Goes Public with Talk of the 25th Amendment

Andrew McCabe, the former acting FBI Director, confirmed that discussions about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office took place at the Department of Justice. CNN Political Director David Chalian discusses the latest on McCabe's 25th Amendment bombshell.


 2019-02-14  10m

Howard Schultz's Big Homework Assignment

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz joined CNN's Poppy Harlow at a CNN town hall in Houston, Texas to discuss his potential run for president as a "centrist independent." CNN Political Director David Chalian discusses key moments from last night's town hall.


 2019-02-13  12m

There's a Deal, but It Doesn't Make the President Happy

Congressional negotiators have agreed on a border deal. CNN Political Director David Chalian discusses President Trump's reaction and the potential political implications of this new deal.


 2019-02-12  8m

The Democratic Divide on Display

Senator Amy Klobuchar and Senator Elizabeth Warren officially joined the 2020 presidential race this past weekend. CNN Political Director David Chalian discusses their latest announcement and contrasting messages.


 2019-02-11  8m

The Democrats' Dilemma in Virginia

Virginia politics continues to be consumed by the latest blackface and sexual assault scandal. CNN Political Director David Chalian discusses the latest controversy being faced by Virginia's top three Democrats.


 2019-02-07  7m

State Of The Union

President Trump gives his State of the Union address tonight as Congress barrels towards another funding deadline battle over immigration. CNN Political Director David Chalian breaks down what to expect from tonight's tension-filled event and how it could shape national politics going forward.


 2019-02-05  8m

Pre-SOTU Polls

New CNN polling shows that Donald Trump's approval ratings slide has snapped back to its normal range, while Nancy Pelosi comes in at her highest approval rating in over ten years. CNN Political Director David Chalian analyzes all the latest data ahead of President Trump's high pressure Congressional address.


 2019-02-04  10m

Cory Booker Takes His Shot

Earlier today, Sen. Cory Booker announced his candidacy for President with a slick campaign video and a press conference in front of his childhood home in Newark, New Jersey. CNN Political Director David Chalian is joined by CNN Senior Political Reporter Nia-Malika Henderson to discuss Cory Booker's path to the presidency, as well as the week's worth of drama around the potential independent campaign of former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz...


 2019-02-02  25m

It's Groundhog Day

President Trump and House Speaker Pelosi remain at odds over border wall funding. CNN Political Director David Chalian discusses their rift as negotiators work to strike a deal ahead of the February 15 deadline.


 2019-02-01  8m