The Daily DC: Impeachment Watch

CNN's Political Director David Chalian and his colleagues bring you a daily update on impeachment proceedings, every evening, Monday through Friday. Stay informed on all the latest developments, as they unfold.

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What Did He Say?

In an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo, President Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani contradicted months of 'no collusion' talk. CNN Political Director David Chalian discusses Giuliani's stunning admission that he never denied that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government during the 2016 election.


 2019-01-17  10m

From Time to Time...

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is asking President Trump to delay his State of the Union address until the government shutdown is over. CNN Political Director David Chalian discusses Speaker Pelosi's latest power move against President Trump's scheduled January 29 State of the Union address.


 2019-01-16  10m

Kirsten Gillibrand Step Right Up

CNN Political Director David Chalian discusses Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's potential announcement towards a 2020 presidential race and the questions she may face due to her previous conservative-leaning positions.


 2019-01-15  13m

'I Never Worked for Russia'

CNN Political Director David Chalian discusses President Trump's response to stories about an FBI investigation into whether or not he has acted on behalf of Russia and the upcoming confirmation hearing of William Barr before the Senate Judiciary Committee to be U.S. Attorney General.


 2019-01-14  10m

Waiting For Daddy

CNN Political Director David Chalian discusses the gridlock in the government, why Republicans are sitting on their hands, why the President won't budge an inch, and why the Democrats have no reason to meet the Republicans halfway.


 2019-01-11  15m

The Bully Pulpit

CNN Political Director David Chalian discusses President Trump's use of the bully pulpit to make his case for border wall funding ahead of his prime-time Oval Office address.


 2019-01-08  5m

Start Your Engines

CNN Political Director David Chalian officially kicks off the 2020 election cycle with a breakdown of Elizabeth Warren's first trip to Iowa, Joe Biden publicly musing on whether to enter the race, and how progressives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will affect 2020 Democratic candidates.


 2019-01-07  11m

The New Washington

CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash sits down with CNN Political Director David Chalian to discuss the historic 116th Congress, Speaker Pelosi, the politics of impeachment and the changing landscape of U.S. government.


 2019-01-04  24m

The 116th Congress

Washington enters a new era as Democrats seize control of the House, electing Nancy Pelosi as House speaker. David Chalian breaks down the new makeup of the 116th Congress, including the record-breaking number of female members and other historic firsts.


 2019-01-03  10m

Mitt Romney's Critique of the President's Character

Mitt Romney, who will be sworn in as a United States senator on Thursday, makes his senatorial debut by deeming President Trump's character unfit for office in a new op-ed. Is this an insight as to what we can expect from his tenure in Congress?


 2019-01-02  13m