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Welcome to The Dive, a weekly podcast hosted by Kobe, Azael, and MarkZ that takes a closer look at the world of League of Legends esports and the NA LCS. Releasing every Tuesday at 5am PT/8AM ET, the gang will be diving into the biggest international news, meta shifts and solo queue trends, and in-depth analysis of the LCS. #TheDiveLOL

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Rumble Stage Preview | Divephoria MSI 2022 Episode 2

Drakos is joined by Azael and Kobe to recap the MSI 2022 group stage, discuss their current MVP, tournament meta, and who are their favorites moving into the rumble stage.

Divephoria is available on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Anchor and more.

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Group Stage Preview | Divephoria MSI 2022 Episode 1

Divephoria returns for MSI 2022! Drakos is joined by MarkZ and Dagda to discuss tournament favorites, players to watch, and the MSI meta with a special guest from the League of Legends design team.

Divephoria is available on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Anchor and more.

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episode 15: The Dive | Will the Meta Evolve in Houston & Emily wants more pros like Jojo

Hello Dive Fans! We have our Finals Playoff Preview message and that will mark the last episode of The Dive for the Spring Split. To celebrate, Mark & Azael are joined by special guest Emily Rand FRESH off the EG vs. C9 series... like they recorded this 30 minutes after that series concluded...


 2022-04-19  1h8m

episode 14: The Dive | Mark wants Danny to slap Berserker Around (in-game)

Happy Final week of playoffs Dive fans! We've got our final 4 teams of playoffs and with that no shortage of subjects for Mark, Kobe, & Azael to cover. They kick things off by celebrating the LEC Champs, G2, & sharing their thoughts on the ever evolving Champions Queue discussion. A quick note that this was recorded BEFORE the Champions Queue article dropped, so the conversation is unfortunately a little dated.

Then the gang jumps into Patch 12...


 2022-04-14  1h30m

episode 13: The Dive | Report Cards, Predictions and Playoffs

Hey there Dive fans! With playoffs fully in swing, we've got another jam-packed episode from our usual gang, Azael, Kobe, and Mark. They discussed each of their Power Ranking Records (shoutout to @lolpodcastmeta for the breakdown via twitter), whether player report cards were actually motivating players, and discussed Danny's status with playing Champions Queue...


 2022-04-07  1h25m

The Dive | A THICC Playoff Episode & Rengar IS the Cat for Kobe

Look at all these beautiful Dive fans! Playoffs are around the corner & we've got a THICC episode with the classic crew Azael, Kobe & MarkZ. The trio get hyped at just the THOUGHT of seeing fans again, talk about Santorin and the jungler's journey to being one of the best, & go through the playoff Patch BEFORE we even touch on the playoff matches...


 2022-03-31  1h29m

episode 11: The Dive | Can TSM fans have hopium this Super week?

Hey Dive fans! With Super Week on the horizon comes a Super packed episode of The Dive with the usual gang of Azael, Kobe & Mark. Once we got past the squeaky laptops, the trio went through the Peter Zhang news, T1's 18-0 run and its historical legitimacy & what they each believed are the strongest and weakest roles in the LCS.

Then we had a bunch of Anchor.FM questions with MOSTLY clean audio (I'm not pointing fingers but.....


 2022-03-24  1h19m

episode 10: The Dive | Mark CAN Handle the Heat & Are C9 the Clear Favorites Now?

What's up Everyone! Lots to get through in this week of The Dive. First things first, we had the bet to settle where our producer... went easy to say the least on Mark. Either that or he undersold his ability to take spice. Either way he tanked em just fine and left Kobe wanting. Azael was there to point out the tears when they leaked out though...


 2022-03-17  1h17m

episode 9: The Dive | Blaber & Fudge's Legendary Weekend

This one goes out to The Dive fans in Utah! Azael returns to join Mark & Kobe for the discussions that really matter like, was Bwipo's build THAT troll? Is Blaber ALREADY an all-time great jungler? And what kind of flame does Mark have a penchant for?

We also run through what non-retired pro should return to the LCS, how FlyQuest continue to defy expectations & run down the strengths of the bottom half teams as the Playoff Race heats up...


 2022-03-10  1h25m

episode 8: The Dive | Phreak's Secret OP Pick & The Rise of Golden Guardians

Happy Mid Split Dive fans! This week we had Phreak join Kobe & Mark as they run down where the teams stand halfway through the split and answer some of your questions.

We hear who they favor in the future Team Liquid vs. Cloud9 match, how Golden Guardians broke away from the teams below them in super week & what 100 Thieves have to do to regain their place in the standings...


 2022-03-03  1h18m