The Double Pivot: Soccer analysis, analytics, and commentary

Soccer analysis, analytics, and commentary with hosts Mike Goodman and Michael Caley

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US Soccer drama with Meg Linehan

Soccer! Sort of!Michael interviews Meg Linehan (@itsmeglinehan), a reporter from The Athletic who has been covering all the drama with US Soccer, for a recap and analysis of everything that's gone down in the last month with the equal pay lawsuit filed...



The hours pass like days

The two Mikes are parents at home with young children in their respective cities, and in today's podcast, they recount their struggles during isolation. Also, they watched some bad comedies and have thoughts. It's a free podcast and you're bored anyway....



Soccer in the time of COVID, redux

We're back and the Premier League has now shut down, and it raises more specifically the question of what sports will be while we're shut down, so we talked about it on this podcast, too.



Soccer in the time of COVID

What's this pod going to be during the pandemic? We have a plan! We will be doing shorter podcasts, several per week, on various topics. This week becuase things are nuts, we have a pair of podcasts directly on the news and soccer and coronavirus.We...



Pandemic and Relegation

The COVID-19 not-yet-a-pandemic is already disrupting the Italian football season, and if the projections from epidemiologists are to be trusted, it won't be for just a few weeks and it certainly won't be just Italy. We dig into the newest example of...



Two Princes: Man City's ban, explained

Manchester City have been banned from the Champions League for the next two seasons, and fined $30 million for breaching Financial Fair Play rules. City are appealing to the CAS. The Two Mikes explain what the hell CAS is and also sort through the rest...


 2020-02-20  52m

Champions League Knockout Preview, Pt. 1

The knockout stages of the Champions League are upon us, so the Two Mikes break down each matchup. In this episode, they talk Atleti-Liverpool, Dortmund-PSG, Atalanta-Valencia and Leipzig-Spurs. 


 2020-02-13  55m

Who wants more mailbag? Cool, here's Pt. 1

The two Mikes answer your mailbag questions.


 2020-02-06  51m

Mousa Mailbag, pt 1

We start with one of our "Mousa Dembele" pods where we scout a player using the stats. Here it's United's new signing Bruno Fernandes, an elite creator who may or may not be a possession sieve, and what to expect from him and why we're excited to watch ...


 2020-01-30  53m

Stuff is Weird, Premier League Edition

The Premier League flips out and we try to steer into the spin.


 2020-01-23  52m