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The Top Four Race (yes, the top four race)

(Opening from The Gay Science, Friedrich Nietzche)Chelsea and Leicester lost, Liverpool and West Ham won, Spurs -- who still technically in the top four race! -- drew with Newcastle. We walk through the small changes in the race this week and our...



USMNT Mailbag

It's an international break and the US Men's National Team has good players on it, some of whom were even allowed by doctors and public health authorities to play with the team. Dest, Pulisic, Reyna, Aaronsen, formations, Musah, the Gold Cup, it's all...



League of Freds

There's Derby talk and Chris Wilder talk and Kelechi explodes but the Premier League ain't giving us much right now. So we get into some of the weird stats of Covidball and the consistently uninteresting big performers of the season.



Podcast of Chaos: Messi and Ronaldo and more

A variety of topics, variously arranged! The Manchester Derby, the Madrid Derby, "Der Klassiker", is Milan good or not, the end of the Messi and Ronaldo Era, the era of the supremacy of the Premier League? We get to it all.


 2021-03-11  52m

The Relegation Fight

Months of "meh" at the bottom of the table have been transformed into moderate amounts of drama. We discuss how Fulham got, well, not good exactly, but solid enough defensively to get draws, and the risks now for Burnley, Newcastle, Brighton(?) and...


 2021-03-04  44m

Klopp and Potter

Managers! xG! Is Klopp doing something wrong now? Is Potter? Our answers are pretty decidedly no, but we get into how you ask questions about managers when something is going wrong under the hood, statistically or tactically or with all of their players...


 2021-02-25  49m

Champions League Roundup

How PSG pressed Barcelona out of a big tie, how Leipzig failed to contain Liverpool, Dortmund surprising us a bit against Sevilla, all our takes on the latest round of the Champions League right here.


 2021-02-19  25m

Champions League Returns, Pt 1

A lot has changed since we last covered the top teams in Europe. We take on the teams playing this week in the Champions League, including PSG's injury problems, how far Barcelona have rebounded, the peculiar new Leipzig system, Ronaldo's new/old role,...


 2021-02-16  48m

Return to the Top Four

The Premier League top four race keeps being the story because it keeps changing! Why the table is still lying, why Liverpool and Chelsea haven't put it away yet, what Tuchel is up to, and which underdogs still have a shot.


 2021-02-11  56m

Spurs - Liverpool and Top Four

That was very nearly another fascinating Spurs-Liverpool match and we get into the first 20 minutes before Kane's injury more or less put it to bed. And right now the top four race is as open as it's ever been, what's up with that?


 2021-01-29  40m