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The Extra Dimension features deep discussions on how technology intersects with other parts of our lives. Welcome to the heart of the technological convergence.



      The Extra Dimension #28: Infotainment Interface Design for Automobiles

      Episode Summary
      00:00 | Intro
      00:54 | Abstract
      In an increasingly connected, mobile world, situations where users do not interact with their digital lives are becoming few and far between. This can be a problem in situations that demand a user’s attention for their safety. Driving is one such situation, and it is doubly important because a significant portion of the western population drives on a daily basis. Researchers have tested different interface designs with...



      The Extra Dimension #27: Digital Rights Management (DRM) and the Problems It Introduces

      Episode Summary
      00:00 | Intro
      00:36 | Definition of DRM

      Digital Rights Management
      Restrict usage of proprietary copyrighted works

      01:19 | Goals of DRM

      Prevent piracy
      Keep users in one company’s ecosystem
      Protect corporate documents from unauthorized access
      * Region locking

      The weird economics behind Steam prices around the world | PC Gamer

      09:07 | DRM in Games and Software

      Product ...



      The Extra Dimension #26: Online Voting and Why We Don’t Use It

      Episode Index
      00:00 | Intro
      00:31 | What is E-Voting?

      * What is e-voting?
      * Electronic voting – Wikipedia
      E-voting: any voting that uses electronic devices to aid the process
      Polling place e-voting

      Counting machines, touchscreen devices, etc at the polling place
      Pretty common   in America
      Only really affects the behind the scenes counting part of voting

      Remote e-voting

      Voting on a p...



      The Extra Dimension #25: Directed Panspermia and Our Purpose in the Universe

      Episode Index
      00:00 | Intro
      03:07 | How to Take Over the Universe (Extreme Space Colonization) | Eternally Curious #6 – YouTube

      How to colonize the universe with current technology

      Don’t send humans
      Send small, self-replicating probes (take inspiration from DNA)
      Probe has to be able to decelerate before landing
      Make many probes to account for most of them being lost along the way

      ~40 per galaxy should ensure one makes ...



      The Extra Dimension #24: USB Type-C: One Connector to Rule Them All

      01:28 | Brief History of USB

      * A brief history of USB, what it replaced, and what has failed to replace it | Ars Technica
      * USB – Wikipedia
      Universal Serial Bus
      Prior to USB, most different classes of devices required different ports to connect to your computer
      USB replaced more and more things as its speed capabilities improved. First simple things like mouse and keyboard, later more sophisticated things like optical drives or wifi cards



      The Extra Dimension #23: Post-Scarcity

      00:02:13 | Broad Overview

      * Post Scarcity Civilizations – YouTube

      * “A Civilization or economy in which scarcity of resources no longer exists.”
      * Post scarcity civilizations have to be either young and haven’t grown to their carrying capacity, or they have no growth
      * Initially basic needs will be met, and then we progressively move up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

      * A world without work is coming – it could be utopia ...



      The Extra Dimension #22: Net Neutrality

      Episode Summary
      01:47 | Definition
      Net neutrality: the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.

      * Network neutrality, explained – Vox
      * Net neutrality – Wikipedia

      03:02 | Why is it important?

      * Right to Internet access – Wikipedia

      Let’s look at some of the e...



      The Extra Dimension #21: Distributed Social Networks


      * Distributed social network – Wikipedia

      * A system where there are servers run by different entities, and users on the various servers can interact with each other
      * Think of it like email, which is a distributed messaging system
      * Different from a social media aggregator, which helps users manage accounts from several different social media platforms
      * 00:04:37 | Pros

      * In theory, it helps bring control back to the...



      The Extra Dimension #20: Copyright Law


      * History of Copyright: Statute of Anne, 1710
      * PDF: wipo_pub_909_2016.pdf
      * Copyright – Wikipedia
      * Free content – Wikipedia
      * Everything is a Remix
      * The Extra Dimension #8: How Can You Support Yourself as a Creator? › The Nexus

      01:15 | Copyright is a type of intellectual property.

      Copyright is for creative works, like this podcast!
      Different from a patent, which is for the design of ...



      The Extra Dimension #19: Off-Topic Conversations from NerdCon: Stories 2016


      * The Extra Dimension #18: Conversations from NerdCon: Stories 2016
      * NerdCon: Stories
      * 01:27 | Using game design in education
      * 03:22 | Podcast indexing, voice-controlled game

      * Words of Power – voice demo

      * 14:40 | Renaissance Festival

      * Renaissance Festival Podcast – Twice monthly music and entertainment from Renaissance festivals with Celtic music, Irish folk music, Scottish bagpipes, English f...