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      The Extra Dimension #25: Directed Panspermia and Our Purpose in the Universe

      Directed panspermia is the concept of seeding planets with microbial life. It comes with a lot of baggage, such as the question of whether or not we are the result of such seeding and whether or not we should actively seed the rest of the universe. Ians Buck and Decker tackle these and other related topics, such as what our purpose is in the universe.

      Episode Index 00:00 | Intro 03:07 | How to Take Over the Universe (Extreme Space Colonization) | Eternally Curious #6 –...



      The Extra Dimension #24: USB Type-C: One Connector to Rule Them All

      Chances are you will soon own a phone that charges via USB Type-C, and maybe even a laptop and console too! What are the promises and challenges that come with switching to this new connector? Join Ian R Buck and Ryan Rampersad as they explore this topic!

      01:28 | Brief History of USB A brief history of USB, what it replaced, and what has failed to replace it | Ars Technica USB – Wikipedia Universal Serial Bus Prior to USB, most different classes of devices required...



      The Extra Dimension #23: Post-Scarcity

      In a post-scarcity society, nobody has to work if they don't want to. Ian R Buck and Brandon Johnson explore the forces that can help us reach that state, how such a society would have to be structured, what we would do with our time, and some of the challenges facing us on our way there.

      00:02:13 | Broad Overview Post Scarcity Civilizations – YouTube “A Civilization or economy in which scarcity of resources no longer exists.” Post scarcity civilizations have to be either ...



      The Extra Dimension #22: Net Neutrality

      Net Neutrality is a vitally important concept for maintaining an open internet, but it has faced many legal hurdles. Join Ian R Buck as he dives into the topic. This episode will be updated whenever there are new developments.

      01:47 | Definition

      Net neutrality: the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.

      Network neutrality,...



      The Extra Dimension #21: Distributed Social Networks

      Almost all of the social networks that we use are centralized, meaning that one company owns everything. Ian, Brandon, and Brian explore what a social network would look like if it were distributed, meaning that there are many servers owned by different people that still communicate with each other.

      Overview Distributed social network – Wikipedia A system where there are servers run by different entities, and users on the various servers can interact with each other Think...



      The Extra Dimension #20: Copyright Law

      Copyright law can be big and complicated, but that doesn't mean it is impossible to understand! Join Brian Mitchell and Ian R Buck as they delve deeper into this subject that affects almost everyone's lives.

      Links History of Copyright: Statute of Anne, 1710 PDF: wipo_pub_909_2016.pdf Copyright – Wikipedia Free content – Wikipedia Everything is a Remix The Extra Dimension #8: How Can You Support Yourself as a Creator? › The Nexus Overview 01:15 | Copyright is a type ...



      The Extra Dimension #19: Off-Topic Conversations from NerdCon: Stories 2016

      Ian talked to a lot of people at NerdCon, and naturally some of the conversations took unexpected turns away from NerdCon itself; here are some deep dives into topics the guests are very excited about.

      Overview The Extra Dimension #18: Conversations from NerdCon: Stories 2016 NerdCon: Stories 01:27 | Using game design in education 03:22 | Podcast indexing, voice-controlled game Words of Power – voice demo 14:40 | Renaissance Festival Renaissance Festival Podcast – T...



      The Extra Dimension #18: Conversations from NerdCon: Stories 2016

      At NerdCon: Stories Ian did something a little crazy; he sat down with random strangers to talk about their time at the convention! They covered a lot of different topics, so get ready for a wild ride!

      Overview The Extra Dimension #19: Off-Topic Conversations from NerdCon: Stories 2016 NerdCon: Stories 03:47 | Why people came findthestarlight 11:02 | Meeting creators 19:29 | Podcasting 25:31 | Panels 32:05 | In-jokes Nerdcon Stories Juvenilia – What’s in your...



      The Extra Dimension #17: Transportation – The Future

      What exciting new forms of transportation does the future hold for us? How will self-driven cars change our travel habits? What even is a hyperloop? Ian, Brian, and Ryan have done the research on all of this and more!

      Transportation Miniseries Cycling Public Transit Individual Car Ownership Long Distance Overview: Self-driven cars allow the concept of transportation as a service to really come to fruition. The future of Google with Sundar Pichai – YouTube 4:07-4:42 The...



      The Extra Dimension #16: Transportation – Long Distance

      Come on a journey with Brandon Johnson, Brian Mitchell, and Ian R Buck as they explore the intricacies of planes, trains, and boats.

      Transportation Miniseries Cycling Public Transit Individual Car Ownership The Future Overview: Planes Why Flying is So Expensive – YouTube Things that go into the cost of a flight: Fuel Crew Airport fees Taxes FAA TSA International Transportation Tax Airplane Maintenance Administrative costs of airline Insurance Very little of it...