The Extra Dimension

The Extra Dimension features deep discussions on how technology intersects with other parts of our lives. Welcome to the heart of the technological convergence.



      The Extra Dimension #36: What Makes Computers Tick

      You use computers every day, but do you know how they work? A few computer science majors get together to describe the different components of a computer and what their jobs are.


       2018-09-19  32m

      The Extra Dimension #35: Revisiting Solar Eclipse 2017

      Ian R Buck joins Ryan Rampersad in the studio to talk about the "Great American Eclipse." And surprise, Ian brought a microphone with him during his trip to see the eclipse with Scott Kopp, so we get to hear coverage from the event itself!


       2018-08-22  45m

      The Extra Dimension #34: Pervasive Computing

      We are quickly approaching a world in which we are constantly surrounded by computers embedded in our environment, serving our needs. What are the challenges we face on our way there, and what can we expect to find once we do?


       2018-08-01  1h7m

      The Extra Dimension #33: Decentralized Publishing

      Today, more and more online content is being published on centralized platforms. That hasn't always been the case, since the internet was created as a decentralized system. Join Ian R Buck and Brian Mitchell as they explore the pros and cons of each ap...


       2018-06-19  50m

      The Extra Dimension #32: GDPR, the Privacy Policy Reconing

      You've probably been getting lots of emails about companies updating their privacy policies. They're all doing this at the same time because the EU's General Data Protection Regulation just came into effect. Find out what it means for you with Ian R Buck.


       2018-05-25  50m

      The Extra Dimension #31: The Philosophical Implications of the Technological Singularity

      If machines become more capable than humans in every way, the world will certainly be in for a wild ride. What will this mean for our society, our morality, and our understanding of ourselves? Ian R Buck is joined by Ian Decker and Mike Sandberg to del...


       2018-04-19  1h21m

      The Extra Dimension #30: Stage Theater’s Tech Revolution

      They say theater is a dying medium, but they've been saying that since the advent of radio! In fact, theater has adapted as new technologies become available. What new developments are on the horizon?


       2018-03-14  1h32m

      The Extra Dimension #29: The Access Economy and the End of Ownership

      Imagine a world where you don't have to buy anything because you readily have access to it. Ian R Buck and Brian Mitchell discuss the technologies that could get us there, and the possible consequences of such a system.


       2018-02-16  1h20m

      The Extra Dimension #28: Infotainment Interface Design for Automobiles

      Ian R Buck makes an audio adaptation of his senior seminar paper from 2015.


       2018-01-15  32m

      The Extra Dimension #27: Digital Rights Management (DRM) and the Problems It Introduces

      If you consume digital media, chances are you have encountered DRM in the past. Join Ian R Buck, Ryan Rampersad, and Brian Mitchell as they discuss why it exists, the many forms it can take, and the problems it introduces.


       2017-12-16  59m