The /Filmcast (AKA The Slashfilmcast)

In the Slashfilmcast, hardcore geeks David Chen, Devindra Hardawar, and Jeff Cannata debate, pontificate, and delve into the latest films, TV shows, and other entertainment-related items from the past week. Weekly guests include everyday bloggers, webmaster luminaries, film directors, and movie stars from all walks of life. You can reach us at and find all our podcast episodes at

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Ep. 545 - Knives Out

Jeff is back to defend the Tesla Cybertruck and reconsider the merits of the children’s show PJ Masks. Meanwhile, David and Devindra find themselves watching more mature content such as Honeyland and Servant.  For the feature review, David, Devindra, and Jeff discuss the highly anticipated whodunnit Knives Out. Does Rian Johnson’s latest deliver and surpass the murder mystery genre? Read why this NYTimes film critic left Knives Out with emotional whiplash here (https://www.nytimes...



Ep. 544 - Jojo Rabbit

Happy Thanksgiving from Slashfilmcast! David and Devindra review Jojo Rabbit, the latest film by Taika Waititi. Find out whether the mix of humor and drama work well together in this WWII satire. Stay for the after dark as the duo cartalk about Ford, Ferrari, and Tesla. Read about how James Mangold captured 100mph in Ford v Ferrari here ( .   Thank to our sponsor this week: Pretty Litter. Visit Prettylitter...



Ep. 543 - Ford v Ferrari

David, Devindra, and Jeff talk about the giant mouse in the room that is the Disney+ streaming service. Jeff gives a passionate case against the children's series PJ Masks . For the feature review, the cast debate the value and shortcomings of James Mangold's Ford v Ferrai.  Read this Bloomberg article ( on why the characters of Ford v Ferrari epitomize the worst of the 1960s car world...



Ep. 542 - Doctor Sleep (GUEST: Patrick Klepek from Waypoint)

David, Devindra, and Jeff are joined by Patrick Klepek, (
) senior reporter at Waypoint (
) , to talk about the politics of Terminator: Dark Fate and the digital resurrection of James Dean. For their feature review, the cast return to the Overlook Hotel in Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining. Does the belated follow-up film live up to iconic original? Read about the backlash against the James Dean casting (https://www...



Ep. 541 - Terminator: Dark Fate (GUEST: Matt Singer from ScreenCrush)

David, Devindra, and Jeff chat about the perks of being a podcaster. For the feature review, the cast are joined by Matt Singer ( of to discuss Terminator: Dark Fate, the sixth installment in the Terminator franchise. Tune in to hear the debate over this futuristic “legacyquel” Check out Matt Singer’s new book on the history of Spider-man Marvel’s Spider-Man: From Amazing to Spectacular...


 2019-11-05  1h46m

Ep. 540 - Parasite

David, Devindra, and Jeff get on the hype train by reviewing Parasite, the latest film by Korean director Bong Joon-Ho. Tune in to find out whether the movie deserves a Palme d'Or, the highest prize awarded at the Cannes Film Festival. Read this Reddit thread ( for all the Korean jokes Westerners may have missed. Read this Medium posted titled "On Letting People Enjoy Things" (https://medium...


 2019-10-29  1h43m

Ep. 539 - El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

David, Devindra, and Jeff review El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, a cinematic epilogue to the hit show Breaking Bad. With the original showrunner Vince Gilligan back in the director's seat, the cast debates whether El Camino lives up to the legacy of "the one who knocks."  Thanks to our sponsors this week: Villains, Feals, and Native Download the Villains podcast wherever you get your podcast or listen now at Become a member today by going to http://feals...


 2019-10-22  1h14m

Ep. 538 - Gemini Man

David, Devindra, and Jeff review Gemini Man, the latest film by Academy Award- winning director Ang Lee. Listen to find out whether Lee’s obsession with high frame rate technology pays off in the Will Smith versus Will Smith action flick. Listen and subscribe to David’s newest podcast Culturally Relevant ( . Check out Jeff Cannata’s D&D show Dungeon Run ( ...


 2019-10-15  1h5m

Ep. 537 - Joker (GUEST: Bob Chipman from Escapist Magazine)

David, Devindra, and Jeff are joined by Bob Chipman (aka MovieBob), film critic from ( , ( , and creator of The Big Picture, to review Joker. Find out whether the latest movie by director Todd Phillips starring Joaquin Phoenix helped them put on a happy face. Read MovieBob's review of Joker here ( ...


 2019-10-08  1h42m

Ep. 536 - Ad Astra

The boys are back in town! David tastes the bread of an "Icelandic geothermal bakery" while Jeff returns to the movie theater... to watch sports. The cast reviews Ad Astra, the latest film by James Gray starring Brad Pitt. Tune in to find out whether the science fiction epic is totally rad or completely sad.  Listen and subscribe to David’s newest podcast Culturally Relevant ( . Check out Jeff Cannata’s D&D show Dungeon Run (


 2019-10-01  1h28m