The Flop House

The Flop House is a bi-monthly audio podcast, devoted to the worst in recent film. Your hosts (Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, and Stuart Wellington) watch a questionable film just before each episode, and then engage in an unscripted, slightly inebriated discussion, focusing on the movie's shortcomings and occasional delights.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h6m. Bisher sind 627 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

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episode 354: Ep. #354 - The Unholy, with Gillian Flynn

Bestselling author and screenwriter Gillian Flynn joins us to discuss The Unholy, a horror movie about a miracle-working tree.



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FH Mini 40 - TuBoy Talkin' Tube to 2 Dudes Tonight, That's Right 2

Stuart's most ostentatiously-named mini format makes a triumphant return, as he talks to us about the Emmys, and current TV in general.



episode 353: Ep. #353 - The Turning, with Hallie Haglund

Hallie Haglund joins us for our first SHOCKTOBER episode of 2021, to discuss the updated Turn of the Screw adaptation The Turning.



episode 379: FH Mini 39 - We Talk to a Super Mario Bros. Screenwriter

We talk a bit with one of Super Mario Bros.'s screenwriters, Mr. Parker Bennett.



episode 352: Ep. #352 - Black Easter

Finally a movie dares ask the question "What if someone killed Jesus slightly earlier?"



episode 378: FH Mini 38 - The Movies That Didn't Make Us

Dan quizzes Elliott and Stu on big Hollywood movies that the world has mostly forgotten.


 2021-09-18  31m

episode 351: Ep. #351 - Andy the Talking Hedgehog, with Jamelle Bouie

Smalltember 2021 kicks off with a weirdly depressing hedgehog film that let us bring back hedgehog fan #1, Jamelle Bouie!


 2021-09-11  1h45m

episode 377: FH Mini #37 - 8-Bit Flop House

Elliott asks Stu and Dan questions about video game movies in the form of a retro video game of the mind.


 2021-09-04  59m

episode 350: Ep.%350 - The Boss Baby: Family Business, with Sammy Kalan

Elliott turns the podcast into his own little family business, by inviting his son Sammy along to help us discuss The Boss Baby: Family Business


 2021-08-28  1h59m