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Hidden Treasures

15.07.22 Pt 1 - Hundreds of women are suing Uber, saying they were sexually assaulted by their drivers. A hidden Van Gogh self-portrait was discovered by x-ray. And Bill Gates vows to drop off the world's rich list, but will he?


 2022-07-15  56m

Standing Up Against Politicans

14.07.22 Pt 2 - This week the team is joined by Kanthan Pillay and Ian Cameron is director of community safety at a recently established non-profit organisation, Action Society, which helps victims of violent crime who do not have the financial means to get legal counsel. They have a conversation about the work that Action Socierty does Boris Johnson’s resignation and more!


 2022-07-14  55m

Let SARS Fall

14.07.22 Pt 1 - Gareth and Phumi share some life advice about owning property and the importance of travelling more. Will the strike action at SARS lead to its collapse - meaning no tax for the corrupt - or are we just in a bad soapie?


 2022-07-14  56m

Sexy Gary

13.07.22 Pt 2 - Celeste is impressed with how Gareth pronounces her surname, and also tells us how she won’t hold back when it comes to The Roast of Khanyi Mbau. Prof. David Block then joins the team to share some exciting news from the astronomy world!


 2022-07-13  54m

Queen of Comedy

13.07.22 Pt1 - Zulu comedy queen Celeste Ntuli is our special guest co-host! There’s loads of laugher as she talks about her upbringing, things she learnt from being part of Isibaya, and what’s currently happening in the world.


 2022-07-13  57m

How to Save Money

12.07.22 Pt 2 - To say money is tight for most of us right now might be the understatement of the year! So we need to get some advice from financial fitness trainer Joe Cimino, who explains why we should stop using our credit cards.


 2022-07-12  57m

Sushi Etiquette

12.07.22 Pt 1 - Lebang is back! She gives us an update on how the birth of her newborn went, and how she has been eating sushi incorrectly. The team also talk about the evolution of brands and art.


 2022-07-12  54m

How to be a Cheapskate

11.07.22 Pt 2 - The team reflects on the words of Dr Hanan Bushkin and acknowledge the importance of hope. Mash shares some tips and tricks to save money, as he has decided to become a cheapskate.


 2022-07-11  48m

Uber Chronicles

11.07.22 Pt 1 - What’s the best way to start your morning? Gareth shares how he woke up to a pile of poop on his carpet! Mash’s roommate recently got her licence, and he shares how she almost ran them off the road. And Dr Hanan Bushkin does a live Q&A session.


 2022-07-11  58m

Machine Gun Fart

08.07.22 Pt 2 - Gareth and Ben have a bit of banter about Julio and Enrique Iglesias. Comedian Mpho Popps shares how he farted in front of Angelina Jolie! He also speaks about being the roast master on The Roast of Khanyi Mbau.


 2022-07-08  56m