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episode 53: Ep 53五三: How China Tricked the West, Interview w/ Robert Spalding author of Stealth War!

Brigadier General Robert Spalding is an incredible man, he is currently a member of the Hudson Institute and can be found manning the Arm Chair Economist. 

Until just recently Spalding worked for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the National Security Council and was the Chief Architect of the National Security Strategy. Spalding worked with the Trump Whitehouse and is a top expert on China and the Chinese Communist Party...


 December 7, 2019  54m

episode 52: Ep 52: Interview w/ Zach Vorhies, the Youtube Whistleblower!

For the 52nd episode of the Happy Warrior Podcast, we interview Zach Vorhies, former Senior Software Engineer at Youtube that blew the whistle on Google and Youtube, and is currently working with the DOJ!  

In this interview, we cover his history with Google, what it was like working there, what is Google's plan for the future, and why it gave up "Dont Be Evil!" 


Facebook: https://www.facebook...


 November 16, 2019  51m

episode 51: Ep 51五一 Security Over Freedom & Kanye Saves America's Soul

Happy Warrior Podcast Episode 51五一: Security Over Freedom & Kanye Saves the Day


1⃣ Mexico ????????is now in the control of the drug cartels! Chile ???????? Spain ????????and other wealthy nations are in protest demanding security over freedom...


 October 31, 2019  57m

episode 50: Ep 50五十: Texas Trans Kid & Mark Zuckerberg vs. AOC

Happy Warrior Podcast Episode 50五十: Texas Trans Kid & Mark Zuckerberg vs AOC


1⃣We tell the story of Jeffrey Younger and his son James Younger⚧️

the 7-year-old boy being forced by his mother and the state of Texas into "transitioning" into a girl.????️‍????

UPDATE: https://www.catholicnewsagency...


 October 24, 2019  1h24m

episode 49: CROSS POST: Saving Elephants: Media Bias w/ Peter Pischke


This is a cross-post episode I did with Josh Lewis on his Saving Elephants Podcast. 

Please listen and check-out both Josh's and my own podcast stuff. It was a treat and a joy to be on his show.

Saving Elephants Podcast:

  • https://twitter...


 October 16, 2019  1h15m

episode 49: Ep 49 四九: Ben Shapiro's Right! & China's Woke Collaborators!

Happy Warrior Podcast Episode 49 四九: Ben Shapiro's Right! & China's Woke Collaborators!

1. We break into the Ben Shapiro controversy and his comments about the LGBT town hall. We then deep dive into the town hall and discuss the mask of the Left falling off. Why this is so dangerous for the country, and what we should learn from it.



 October 15, 2019  1h21m

episode 48: Happy Warrior 48 四八: The Real Ukraine Scandal& Trump's innocence, Guyer, Hong Kong Update, Tim Pool, and More!

Happy Warrior Podcast Episode 48 四八: The Real Ukraine Scandal???????? 

and why Trump is innocent!????????

1⃣What exactly is the real scandal in all of this Ukraine ???????? Impeachment news? ????️Why was Trump on the phone with the Ukrainian president in the first place? And why are you only being fed a tiny portion of this massive scandal for the ages in American Politics?????????????‍♂️

We break down the real Ukrainian scandal that the Democrats and the...


 October 6, 2019  59m

episode 47: HAPPY WARRIOR 47 四七: Interview w/ Journalist John Ziegler, the Sandusky/Paterno Case, Moral Panics, and Climate Protest !

HAPPY WARRIOR Podcast Episode 47 四七: Interview w/ Journalist John Ziegler, the Sandusky/Paterno Case, Moral Panics, Greta Thurberg, and the Teenage Climate Crisis Panic of 2019!

1⃣ For this special edition episode of the HW Podcast, Pete interviews podcaster, journalist, and friend: John Ziegler!????️

Ziegler is an investigative journalist ???? and the top expert in the country on sniffing out B.S. in the news and is the No...


 September 27, 2019  1h3m

episode 46: HAPPY WARRIOR 46 四六: Hard truths: Abortion, Gun Control, & Online Rage Mobs!

HWP 46 四六: Hard truths: Abortion, Gun Control, & Online Rage Mobs!
(i.e. Alec Holowka) ????????⚕️

1⃣ We can't hide from it anymore!????️
Proof on the evils of Later-term abortion, via sworn testimony to congress, and by Planned Parenthood's own words...


 September 14, 2019  1h34m

HW Pod 46S: Abortion is evil, proof via Nurse testifying to Congress

Happy Warrior Podcast 46: Abortion is evil, proof from Nurse testifying to Congress

The opening segment of the podcast for you to share with family and friends!

twitter: @happywarrioirp


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 September 14, 2019  13m