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Charles E Gannon: How Hollywood Killed Hard Science Fiction!

Why is hard sci-fi a dying genre in Hollywood? Why if shows like The Expanse manage to break out do we not see more shows & films like it????? In this episode of CultureScape, Peter Pischke interviews Charles Gannon, a Nebula-nominated author of hard science fiction novels and an awarded expert in game design and science writing. Charles discusses the challenges and rewards of writing realistic sci-fi, the state of popular culture and media, and the future of the genre...



Peter Semeti On The Rise, Fall & Rebirth Of The Comic Book Industry!

Join us as Alterna Comics Peter Semiti asks: Can the Comic Book Industry Be Saved!????????? In this episode of CultureScape host Peter Pischke interviews Comics Master and owner of Alterna Comics Peter Semeti about the history of the rise, fall, and potential rebirth of the comic book industry. ????✨ Learn about how Peter got into becoming a comic book artist and the founding of Alterna Comics and its unique role in the comic book industry...



Monalisa Foster On Writing Mind-Blowing Science Fiction!

❓Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who❓ How did science fiction get so bad & how do we fix that!????? How do you write sci-fi that blows your mind? In this episode of CultureScape, Peter Pischke talks to MonaLisa Foster, a science fiction author who writes about freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility. She is the author of Threading the Needle, a new novel that features a former military sniper who is haunted by her past and thrust into a new conflict on a frontier planet...



Taylor Lorenz: Journalism In Crisis and Fake Online Hate?

Will the real Taylor Lorenz please stand up!?

In this riveting long-form interview with CultureScape, Lorenz delves into the recent demise of online and mainstream journalism, every question you ever wanted to be able to ask Taylor, the rise of fake online hate and its impact on our society. ???????? Lorenz shares her journey, from her early career days to becoming a prominent figure in journalism...



Adam B Coleman: Truth on Broke Homes Broke Culture

Imagine a world where fatherlessness is not a problem. ???? Where children grow up with loving and supportive dads. Where society, politics, and media are not corrupted by the victim mentality. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. Adam B Coleman, a journalist, author, and founder of Wrong Speak Publishing, shows Peter Pischke how to achieve this in this episode of CultureScape. He shares the truth about broke homes and broke culture, and how to break free from them...


 January 26, 2024  1h9m

How Comics Died: Ultimate Guide With Chuck Dixon & the Rippaverse

Chuck Dixon reveals the sad history of the demise of the comic book industry. We also talk about independent comics & Eric July's Rippaverse!

What happened to the comic book industry? How did it go from a booming cultural phenomenon to a dying art form? And how can it be revived by independent creators and fans? In this episode of CultureScape, Peter Pischke interviews Chuck Dixon, one of the most prolific and influential comic book writers of all time...


 January 19, 2024  1h9m

The First Rise & Fall of the Escapist: Founder Alex Macris

Do you know the story of the first time the Escapist Imploded, back in 2014? What if I told you that the Escapist, one of the most influential gaming websites and YouTube channels of all time, was founded by a visionary entrepreneur who was later ousted from his own company for defending Gamergate? And what if I told you that he was also the one who discovered Yahtzee Crowshaw, the creator of Zero Punctuation, and pioneered the modern gaming YouTube format? In this exclusive interview,...


 January 12, 2024  1h9m

The Escapist’s Downfall And Second Wind’s Rise: JM8 of Design Delve

Who is to blame for destroying the Escapist? What really happened at The Escapist, the legendary gaming website and YouTube channel that gave birth to Zero Punctuation, Extra Credits, Jimquisition, and more? How did it go from being a gaming empire to a shadow of its former self? And how did some of its former members rise from the ashes and create Second Wind, a new and successful gaming content and culture outlet? In this exclusive interview, Peter sits down with JM8, the host of Design...


 January 12, 2024  1h15m

Screw Attack: Stuttering Craig Tells All!

Learn everything there is to know about Screw Attack from its creator, Stuttering Craig! What really happened to Screw Attack, the legendary video game website and show that changed gaming forever? The show that introduced @JamesNintendoNerd & the Angry Video Game Nerd...


 January 6, 2024  57m

How Social Justice Ruined Science and Medicine - Psychologist Chris Ferguson

The Cancel Pigs Come for Science & Medicine! In this episode of CultureScape, Peter Pischke interviews psychologist Chris Ferguson, who exposes how social justice activism have ruined science and medicine.

Ferguson, a fellow of the American Psychological Association1 and the author of How Madness Shaped History2, reveals how the scientific and medical institutions have been corrupted by wokeness, political correctness, and ideological agendas...


 December 14, 2023  1h17m