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CultureScape is the show that interviews the geek creators and influencers that built nerd culture. Hosted by Journalist Peter Pischke, Sponsored by Baen Books Publishing & Young Voices. Happy Warrior Subtack: Twitter: Youtube:

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episode 2: The Drudge Revolution, Interview with Author Matthew Lysiak

This is a podcast interview with Mathew Lysiak, the author of the new book:  

 The Drudge Revolution: The Untold Story of How Talk Radio, Fox News, and a Gift Shop Clerk with an Internet Connection Took Down the Mainstream Media  

 This book is about Matt Drudge, the rather reclusive figure in national united states journalism, and how he and his website - the Drudge Report - changed everything completely in journalism and...


 September 10, 2020  30m

episode 73: Ep 73 七十 三: The Red Mirage & the Tinderbox Election of 2020

This is episode 73 of the Happy Warrior Podcast:

The Red Mirage election of 2020 could be the spark of something worse. 

The article that inspired this segment:

Red Mirage:

Our Social Media:

Facebook: https://www...


 September 2, 2020  37m

episode 74: Ep 74 七十四: First Presidential Debate, Amy Coney Barret & Great Election Fight of 2020

This is the Happy Warrior Podcast Episode 74: 

In this episode we go through:

1. The current state of the 2020 presidential race & what is to be expected for the 1rst Presidential Debate.

2. Amy Coney Barret & the senatorial fight to seat the 6th conservative on the Supreme Court. 



 September 27, 2020  1h14m

episode 75: Ep 75 七十五 October Surprise! First Presidential Debate, Trump gets Covid, & 2nd American Civil War!

This is the Happy Warrior Podcast episode 75:

October Surprise

1. We discuss the 1rst presidential election between Trump & Biden. How is the election going & what are the chances for a trump win in Nov.

2. On Friday we learned President Trump is infected with Covid-19, how does this affect the election & what does this mean for the country. (21:30)



 October 4, 2020  1h11m

episode 76: Ep 76七十六: October Surprise 2: Vice Presidential Debate, Stacking the Supreme Court, Big Tech Censorship & ADL versus Gamers!

This is the Happy Warrior Podcast episode 76:

October Surprise 2!

1. We discuss the Vice Presidential Debate & the state of the Presidential Campaign!

2. It seems that the Democrats being led by Biden are pushing to stack the Supreme Court and why this is a super bad idea! (26:00)



 October 12, 2020  1h22m

episode 78: Ep 78 七十八October Surprise 4: Big Tech Corruption, #Deleted interview w/ Brietbart's Alum Bohkari, ACB Wins, Last Debate & Who wins the Presidential Election?

This is the Happy Warrior Podcast:


WE interview Brietbart Investigative Tech Reporter Alum Bohkari about his new book #Deleted! (22:00)

1. Big Tech & Journalism Team Up to get rid of free speech & Try To End Democracy & Take-over the Republic.



 October 27, 2020  1h17m

episode 78: MAGA LGBT? Interview w/ Journalist Chad Felix Greene on his new book Without Context: Evaluating the Anti-LGBT Claims Against the Trump Administration!

Can you be LGBTQ and a Conservative Trump supporter?

We interview Federalist & Post Millennial Journalist Chad Felix Greene about his new book:

Without Context: Evaluating the Anti-LGBT Claims Against the Trump Administration

 A comprehensive look into the anti-LGBT claims made against the Trump administration from LGBT advocacy and media from 2017 to 2020...


 October 31, 2020  51m

episode 79: Halloween 2020 Four True Tales of Terror (Sioux Empire Podcast)

Halloween Special, 4 Ghost Stories by the Sioux Empire Podcast:

There are hundreds of ghost towns and forgotten settlements in South Dakota.  Some of these abandoned structures still stand as silent monuments to the ambitions of men long dead.  A few are now grassy fields with perhaps, only a graveyard to mark the name of a community long dead and buried with its deceased residents...


 October 31, 2020  53m

episode 80: Ep 80八十: The 2020 Red Wave Election, Election Weirdness & Litigation & Biden Transition Team!

This is the Happy Warrior Podcast: 80 Red Wave 2020 Presidential November Election, Electoral Fraud & Biden Transition Team

Please Watch our Youtube Video of the 1rst Segment:

Putting aside the 2020 presidential race;

The 2020 November General Election was objectively a great night for conservatives & republicans & a bad night for Democrats...


 November 14, 2020  1h2m

episode 40000: Ep 68 六八: Do Lives Matter? Disabled Man forcibly Euthanized, Harper's Letter Fiasco & Oklahoma!

This is episode 68 of the Happy Warrior Podcast:

 Do Lives Matter? Disabled Man forcibly Euthanized, Harper's Letter Fiasco & OKLLAAAHHOOOMMA!

A disabled African-American man got forcibly euthanized against the wishes of his wife and family in June...


 July 12, 2020  49m
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